Friday, December 22, 2006


I'm so looking forward to the rest at Christmas, I break up from work today, there is a rumor that we might get to go home early. I hope so. I'm looking forward to a few lay- ins, breakfast in bed. Obviously looking forward to opening my presents on Christmas day. This years as always we are going Wendy's mums for Christmas dinner, these are usually really good, great food and good company. Later in the Day we are going to my brothers, its always a special time.

Anyway I'm sure you only come to the blog to read my poetry not whats happening in my life..

Poem Time. Christmas by Tim Young

Christ came to earth so many years ago
How time has passed, but the 'Message'
Remains the same
It's how we respond the message that counts
Store it in our hearts
Trashing it, throw it away
Maybe we should take a second look
Ask ourselves what it really means.
Seasons greeting to you all

Monday, December 18, 2006

New York builders

I have a picture on my wall, its famous picture, am sure you know the one, it the one where 11 new york builders are sitting on Girder high up over new York, the fascinating thing is that they are not wearing safety harness, this would not happen to day. We are so obsessed with making every thing so safe we are so afraid that some one will Sue us that we have to put "contents may be hot" on a coffee cup in a vending machine. Society is changing some of it for the better but not all of it, We have to be so careful about what we say and do. Even Jesus is being pushed slowly out of Christmas because it might offend some one from another religion.

Poetry Time.

Unforgiven. by Tim Young

Are you unforgiven
does guilt hound you
search for you
eat away at your thoughts.
We can be so bound up
as we has have not been able to
or unwilling to forgive
or we have not asked for
or wanted to receive forgiveness.
Yet to be forgive
is liberating
to receive forgiveness
is amazing.
I hope pride will not
stand in our way.
where as Pride is a terrible master
freedom leads you to happiness

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just pressing buttons

Do you seize the day. Got for it. Try to realise your dreams or ambitions. Or do you just press the buttons. Is your day spontaneous or routine, exciting or humdrum. As long as you are happy either of the these options are OK. Happiness is what its all about. With out happiness or love on our lives we are empty. We all have the need to be loved. Some would say especially at Christmas, I say all the time. I once wrote in one of my poems that
Lack of war
can help keep you alive
but lack of Love
can kill.

Poem Time..

Cats. by TimYoung

My Cat sits
as on a thrown
looking around
smelling, sensing.
He may purr
He may think he's superior
to all other animals
He probably knows
Cats were worshiped adored.
He thinks he can bring Bad luck
or good luck.
But to me he's a cat
and he licks his own BUM.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well folks its nearly here, Christmas. Personally I can't wait. Its a great time. It's good to to share gifts, have meals with other family members. Have time off work. Not having to get up early in the mornings.
I have a small fibre optic Christmas tree that sits on my desk at work, i looks lonely but its there flashing away to all that will look at it. A few of the people have decorated their desks with tinsel some look OK but mostly it looks rather tacky. As a country we have lost the real meaning of Christmas, its all about money theses days and not celebrating the birth of Jesus. Another thing I'm looking forward to is is the Carol concert at church this is usually very good and very funny as between the songs there is usually some sketches, so as i say its a great time of year.

Poem Time... Songs by Tim Young

What song
what tune
will I sing today.
Our bodies
the instrument
the life plays.
We sing along
to the tune of life.
Sometime happy
sometimes sad.
Blues or Rock
Classic or alternative.
I've just woken up
not yet pressed play
So I wonder
What song
what tune
will I sing today.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


61 no not my age but my 61st post. I can't believe it. Time seams to be going so quickly.
Next October is my 25Th wedding anniversary, so a few months ago we booked a Holiday to Menorca. We received a letter last week informing us that the flight we had booked on from the East Midland Airport was now cancelled. We went to the travel agents and tried several ways to sort it out, that would enable us to fly from the same airport but sadly we were unable to, which means that we now have to travel to Manchester airport. Its not too much out of the way but we will be flying later in the day.

Poem time. Flying by Tim Young

A huge lump of shaped metal
being propelled forward
managed to rise in the air.
And stay there!!!!
I have been there
I know its true.
I've been above the clouds
looked down on the earth
far below.
I been there and experienced a dream
that I could fly.
I want to go again

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Its 3am as I'm writing this. I have started a new blog. My blog story is up and running, you can find a link on the front page here. Please visit. If you wish to write some of the story please submit it as a comment, If I like it I will add it to the story. I hope to have some fun with it, the story is really for my amusement so I'm not that interested in punctuation spelling or whether the story has plot holes, it just to be enjoyed. I hope you have a few laughs reading it and I hope you will add to it, so please join in the fun, even if you only supply a few lines or and idea of where the story should go.. Thanks for your support this this Blog. Thanks to all of you who have given me encouragement.
See you all in my next post

Poem.....Market Square. by Tim Young

Today I went to the market Square
To look for you
but you weren't there.
i looked for you
you did not care.
in the crowd in loneliness
I can only stand and stare.
stood by myself
it was hard to bare.
I had to see you
to see you there
i strained to look
to blink i did not dare
how i wished this moment
with you i could share
I stand lost
with feelings of dispare.
Then a fleeting glimpse
did i just see your hair
will my loneliness go
will my feelings repair?
Yes its you my love
I'm out of air
as i fight though the crowds
to leave this Market Square
not by myself
but as part of a pair.

Friday, December 08, 2006


This may sound like advertising, buts its not I'm just going to comment on the wonders ofSkype. e have just got an Internet telephone that plugs in to your usb socket. I have now down loaded for free Skype software. I can now talk to other skype uses for free over the Internet for as long as I like. You can buy credit so you can call ordinary land line phones and mobile phones, the dialling charges with Skype are very competitive. So sorry this sounds like an advert for them. You do not need an Internet telephone to use Skype it just a a mic and speakers will do. Remember it FREE to talk to other skype users...

Poem Time. Oyster by Tim Young

The world is my Oyster
some people say
a blank canvas
the road a head
is full of opportunities.
Its true
we can shape out own destiny's
by staying positive
we can achieve
the desires of our hearts.
Yet we must
be willing to make mistake
to accepted the times
when things go badly
or just plain wrong
life is unpredictable
but so exciting.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Am sitting here at my PC wondering what on earth to write. Some time I come to write my Blogg and just stare in space wating for insiration as to what to put down here. The only thing that seam to come naturally is the poetry. I hope you like what I have written over the last few month.
If you are new to reading this the poetry is 'instant Poetry' made up on the spot with not ideas before hand and no editing. They appear rough but that's how I like them, from the heart, honest poems not fancy piece's of literature.
To be honest with you I don't read many other poets, as Spike Milligan said once when asked if he read and works of a certain Author ( who is dead ) He said why should I he never reads any of mine.
I'm thinking now about expanding my blog and writing a few lines of a story each day, what do you think. Should I do it? here or make up another blog? Let me know.

Today's Poem TIM YOUNG

are made up of letters
Letters are made up of words
then posted.
The receiver reads the letter
digests the words.
The words turn to feelings
and meaning to the reader.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nearly over

In 3 weeks time it will be over, another Christmas done and dusted. In 4 weeks the toys bought for the all the children will either be discarded or broken. Its nothing new I guess its always been like that. I used to love the faces of my children when they opened their presents on Christmas morning, Christmas is a great time for kids. I still enjoy it and still get very excited not least that I will get a few gifts but also I get some time off work to spend with my family. I could not think of anything better.

Toy?... by TIM YOUNG

I sat on the shelf waiting
for a hungry hand to snatch me up
I saw the shelves empty around me
I wondered
I waited
The coloured lights
flash in the window
Its that time of year again.
I wait.

Then it happened
a hand reached out
grabbed me
I was examined
I felt precious
I was placed in a basket and paid for
My waiting was over.
I arrived home a few hours later
placed in a special place and I waited

The house was busy
lights flashing
music playing
then when it was all over
I knew my time was coming
I hand reach out and used a part of me
That part was swallowed with water.
The poor soul bleary eyed went back to bed.

Every body needs sometime
for the morning after headache.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Do you get tired of waiting. Waiting for a bus waiting for your dinner, waiting for Christmas. Waiting is a part of life, I hate waiting.Each day I walk to the bus stop and have to wait for it. The bus seams to run to its own time table not the one printed in the bus stop.Life is full of waiting. Do you you have a wife or a husband or a girl/boy friend ( pick the one most suitable to you ) Don't let them wait any longer to let them that you love them. Make the day great, face them hold their hand and look them in the eye and say "I appreciate all you do for me...I love you" the look on their face will be priceless.

Poem.. Priceless by Tim Young

When some one
sarcastically Say's you are priceless
they do not mean that
priceless is
beyond expense
beyond money
they mean you are priceless

is it true
I say NO
Do not believe their Lie's
never think
you have no worth
you are unique...Special
A one off never to be repeated.

As you look at yourself
in the mirror
try to see yourself
as others see you
accepted your self
may be Love your self
and say to yourself
that Gold is worth its weight
in YOU.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I hope I never tire of writing poetry. When I started to write poetry back in the very early 1980's I was trying to copy my brother, who wrote songs, I realised that that was something I could not do, so my attempts at righting songs turned into poetry. I hope that over the years my poetry has matured, when I look back at those first few I realise how far I have come. I'm very happy with what I write Even if other do not like them I do, I do not go back to them and rewrite them. Whether I will in the future I can not yet say.

Poem. Rats By Tim Young

Noses twitching
whiskers moving
alert ears and eyes
constantly searching
for danger
for foot
for attention.
Small feet
sharp claw
and long scaly tail.
They are distrusted
by many
who do not understand them.
Yet in their domesticated form
their lives as pets
are unsurpassed
they are intelligent
and funny.
Please spend a few hours
in the company of Rats
and you will see
your fears melt away
your prejudices forgotten
try to understand them
as we fear only those things
that we do not understand.


England seam to be doing well against Australia in the second test. Lets hope that it continues. Also I hope that my team Derby County do well later today. COME on RAMS, we could go top of the league today.
I'm glad its saturday ot sure what the day will have in store but what ever it is I ill be ready for it.
Must get around to do some Christmas Shopping.

POEM time. Cricket by TIM YOUNG

Cricket is a game
a strange game
in many forms
simple yet complicated
like a game of chess
all emotions catered for

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hello World

Hi not written anything much over the last day or so, sorry about that, I'm pushed for time time today So i will keep it short.

Poem...Short by Tim Young

Hours seams like minutes
Our time slipping by
Trying to recall the past

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Body

The Human Body is amazing, have you ever wondered about how great to are. So complex so amazing just so you can be you...
I have done some picture that feature the human body, I'm sorry if you are offended by nudity but I thought Ii would put them here for you to see. Ha Ha my brother is not the only artist in the family.. tho he's better then me.. quite rightly so his talent is amazing.
Sorry that the quality of the photos is not that good, but I hope you like them.

Poem Time yet again. The Body .. by Tim Young

The Body
so you can be you
designed perfectly.
What ever your size
what ever your colour
you are amazing
to get a computer
a robot
to do what you do
is impossible
from you brain
to you little toe
you are
totally amazing
so do not let
anyone at all
tell you any different

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wet and Windy

Well here in the UK its wet and windy. Thought Its not as cold as it could be. Can't wait for the summer again to feel the warm sun on my face. I'm also looking forward to my holiday with Wendy will will be having our first proper holiday away from our family, It will be out 25 wedding anniversary and w e have booked a week away in Menorca, for those who do not know it it is a Spanish is island. we a re going at the end Sept to the beginning of Oct so the crowds should have gone I'm hoping we will have a very peaceful and restful time..

Poem.... Milk by Tim Young

What can i say
It white and wet
its good for you
when young
it keeps you alive.
When i think
about all the things we eat
and think about
the vitamins and mineral
we need to live
to survive
I glad I believe in creation
to believe it was all bu accident
would take too much faith.
A big picture of live
is had to take in
its the same with God
to think about all he is and what he's done
to too over whelming
so the milk we need to
our spiritual life
is Jesus.

If you want to more about my faith please ask, as i said in an earlier blog I'm not here to preach, but a my faith is important to me it is bound to come out in my blog.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday once again.

So Its Friday once again. I'm ready for the week end , Are you?? I do not have anything planned hopefully gets lots of sleep. I'm not sitting here looking at my PC wondering what on earth I am going to write about, then I thought I'd write about wondering what I'm going to write about. De ja vu.

Today's Poem.. Sleep by Tim Young

As soon as my eyes close
I'm off to a better place
pictures and sounds
can fill my mind
with out the aid of drugs
fantastic adventure
where I fly
meet strange people
do strange things
but even strange is normal
in dream land.
Till my eye open
my dream world is real
but when my eyes are open
the light that rushes in
washes away my dreams
and my memory of them

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

River Trent

Through Nottingham runs the river Trent, its a beautiful river, its live underneath its surface and alive on it with barges boats, birds, its banks are alive with walkers, watchers, dog walkers, bird feeders. I thought I would include a pic I took in a local country park just 5 Min's drive from my house. It too is a beautiful place, I do not go there as much as I should. Sorry the pic is a little dark it was taken on my mobile phone, I guess I could use photo shot to lighten it up a little

Poem Time... River Trent by Tim Young

You never stand still
You keep moving
each minute
you change
never the same.
I walk along you banks
admire your beauty
smell the clean air around you
you calm me
refresh me
you seam endless
I can neither see your
start or your end
never ending

Monday, November 20, 2006


I don't know about you but I love gadgets, may be its a guy thing, but I love my mobile phone and my TV and my DVD recorder, oh and my watch.. check out amazing watches.
I would love a 42" LCD HD TV that would be the icing on the cake after a PS3 of course so i could watch DVD in DH.. I'm drooling at the thought of it.Long live the technological age...

Today's Poem. Standing Still by Tim Young

I'm Standing Still
looking around
wondering which way to go.
Do i use a compass
or guess
look at the clouds
check the wind
I really don't know.
standing still is no good
you need to be moving
to make sense of like.
So maybe one direction is not for me
I need a 360 degree perception
sometimes go with the flow
sometimes against it
sometimes roll with the punches
sometimes hit back.
As long as its not my will
as long as its Gods
The direction i go in
will be the right one for me.


I would just like to thanks PS for all your comments to my Blog you have encourage me.
I hope i will be able to encourage you also as i continue to read your blog..
And thanks to Niall my brother for you comments also.So the week end is done and work becomes once again.
So my Team Derby County won again at the on Saturday we are currently 5Th in he league I hope the guys can keep it up.We are unbeaten in 5 and have won the last 4 we have not done that for some time..
I'm a happy guy..

Poem to day is Play.. by Tim Young

My thoughts
through my mind
in no particular order
my thoughts arrange them selves
into what i can understand
as i wake up to face the day.
through out the day
my thoughts play with me
taking me on journeys
some mundane
some scary
some fantasy
they remind me
of thing to do
of things i have not done but should have
till they expire
as i
my thoughts turn to
as my mind
and my body prepares
for anther day

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Of to see the new Bond Film today. I will let you all know ho it is. I have seen a few clips and it looks really good, I'm hoping that the new 'blond' Bond played by Daniel Craig will be one of the best Bonds yet.
Another week is over my leg is finally on the mend, I'm no longing limping, thought infection is still there but even this is getting better now, Anyway, I'm Tired its 7.45am as I'm writing this so I'm off back to bed for a another hour or so..

Close My eye.. by Tim Young

I want to close my eyes
to sleep
but you are here
so i want to look at you
maybe all night long
you sooth me
you calm me
you make me smile.
What can I say about you
that Ive not already said
I will never get bored
of saying
I love you
I pray you will never get bore
of hearing me say it.

I thought I would add a pic of me as some of you do not know what I look like, sorry if i have scared any one


I have Just noticed that I have had over 300 visits to my Blog, Thanks too all of you, Especially Niall my brother for all your kind comments on my Poetry.

See you all next time


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Silence by Tim Young

When the work is done
and there no more to do
sit and rest
listen to the sound
of the blood rushing
through your veins
listen to the silence
listen to the sound
of your breathing
listen to the sound
of life and only life
not the trappings of life
like cars TV music
listen to only life
you only get one
learn to live in peace
we are so used to noise
whether back ground
or in your face.
Just enjoy
the sound of silence
once in a while

Monday, November 13, 2006


back to work Today after a week off with a torn calf muscle, not totally better yet but is mending and I can walk OK with my crutches, tho i can put my full weight on it yet. When its better i will have to do some exercises to strength it. I'll let you know know later how my first day was.

Morning by Tim Young

Today there a kind of hush
bird song is muted
the wind only a breeze.
Maybe there is doubt
that the sun will rise today
what flowers are still open
look up to the autumn sky
and wait.
Then a small ray of light
the clouds part
the sun appears over the horizon
and the day begins.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Poeple are alway trying to us how to be beautiful or more hamsome in my case, ( as i could improve LOL ) Each magazine you read tells you to eat certain foods, dress in a certain way. I'm sure all with the best of intentions.
My advise is to not listen to these listen to your self.. if you want to change or diet do it because you want to not because some one says you should. If you are happy with who you are now, great stuff the rest, studies have show that long life is aided by being happy, laughter is good for you, smiling is good for you.

Laughter. by TIM YOUNG

What is funny
someone trying to be funny
someone not trying to be funny
laughter helps
makes you smile
helps you live longer
make you a better person.
I wish could all learn to
laugh at ourselves
see the funny side
be less PC
lets try it
lets see
what happens.
Time to resurrect some
old jokes

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Quietness is a commodity I do not get very often. To be be alone is some thing I do not have very often. But having said all that I do not like to be alone too much, I miss the hustle and bustle of family life, to be around them is vibrant, I love being with them. So what I'm trying to say, I'm not sure I'm just thinking aloud. My family means everything to me, to be without them is unthinkable no matter what the situation is. Sure, time alone is necessary, to get one's thoughts together to pray to just have some "me" time. But if I had to chose each day whether to spend it alone or with my family I would always chose my family.
Poem..Me by Tim Young

Who is the person
called Me
Can I have to look in a Morrow
to see who I am.
Do I have to look
with-in my self
to feel who I am.
Do I have to see
how other's see me
to realise my worth.
I guess the answer
is a mixture of all the above.
I must except myself
the way I look
the way I feel
the way I am felt about.

Friday, November 10, 2006

picture evolving Tim Young

With each dot
each idea formulated
mapped out
each vision
transposed to tangible form
the picture evolves.
The pen
the conduit
from mind to paper
from thought
to solid form
layers of colour
the bones
the sinues
the skin
of the pic
and so life is drawn in
the completes
take life of its own.

Hi Niall Hope you likes this one, its for you.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

more time off work

So I will be off for the rest of the week as my leg is no better. Ahh well. life is hard some time...
So what have you all been up to since I have been away nursing my leg. hope you my viewers are all ok


Looking.. by Tim Young

My eyes scan
some are attached to feelings
these are files in the draw marked

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The hour is late
rhythmic breathing
can be heard above
the tick
of the clock
each tick
each tock
counting the night time away.
As those who sleep
turn softly in there beds
I lay awake listening
to the night passing by.
I can also feel my heart beating
I know my body is busy
pumping blood around my body
my lungs delivering oxygen to my blood
I'm so peaceful
laying here
listening to the sound
of the rhythmic breathing
and the clock,
each tick
each tock
counting the night time away.

TY. 07.11.2006

Monday, November 06, 2006


Pop went my calf muscle playing badminton. I fell to the floor after feeling a sharp pain in my leg. My playing partner ( KAY ) asked if I was ok I said depends, I asked asked her if she hit me with her racket, she said no, to which I reply in that case I'm not alright.
after the and hour or so in the hospital, I was sent home with my crutches, I'm on the mend should ok in a few days.



In my life
the life I live
I have know pain
but that's life
I have no hang ups
about mistakes
about past problems
As I have also known
peace of mind
and above all

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Straight to the instant poem today I think

Friends by Tim young

Love your friends
forgive them
support them even though
you may not agree with them.
Never be afraid to speak your
mind in love.
Encourage them
warn them
be by their side.
do not be afraid
when they are down
to just sit and say nothing
your friendship
it worth more than words.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I cant believe my blog has lasted so long. I thought I would have lost interest in it by now or they my creative instant poem juices would have dried up. But no! YAY I here you cry. YAY I cry myself... I hope to reach at least 100 posts before I conceder giving the blog a rest, I guess it may depend on how may view it.
So on to instant Poetry..

Extra Strong mints

Why do I like them
they burn you tongue
if kept in contact to long
they are full of sugar
no good for you
they make your stomach hurt
if you eat too many too quickly.
I hopes that they would be
Like Spinach
but no they have not made me
any stronger
or am I missing the point

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My day in a nut shell

Got up late when shopping to The Range, Staples, JJB Sports, Had dinner, went on the PC, went to fetch my son from his girl friends and bring him home. Went to play badminton, shopping, tea computer, walked the dogs, wrote this....this next bit is in the future as I write, bath supper bed...phew...

Instant Poem..

Bath By Tim Young

Lots of hot soapy water
impossibly high
I get in gingerly
as too hot
water level stop's me
making sudden moves
tidal wave is promised
floor like a lake.
Almost float
my care wash away
after time
the water cools
and dry towel call me

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hello again

Not wrote much the last couple of days, not had much to say, tho I have some nice comments about how I'm doing at work from my team leader and the centre manager.
I also had some nice comments from the trainer who trained me, it all very encouraging.
Despite what I wrote the other day it is nice to received praise. It has built me up.

So instant Poetry, I wonder where it will take me tonight...

Tonight.. By Tim Young

as the sun goes down
as shadows lengthen and deepen
as bird song fades
as lights come on
curtains close
and people sit.
Their favorite TV shows
blink light in their rooms
eyes wide
coffee tea help keep them awake
families play
be silent
life goes on
sleep and rest
to wait
for the sun
to rise again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Short but sweet.

Hi world, its 5.57 at time of writings this breakfast then getting ready for work, I need to be there at 7.45 as I start at 8.00am. I m noting to write much,just to wish you all a great day.

Instant poem today is

Fruit....By Tim Young

Small fruit
large fruit
fat round and squashed fruit
fruit of all colors
sweet fruit
bitter fruit
fruit to suit all tastes
designer fruit
boring fruit.
fruit of your labors
fruit of your loins
nutty as a fruit cake

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday again

Well Monday is here, well at the time of writing this Tuesday is looming large on the horizon and getting larger all the time.
Work today was good , it was very busy, the management seam happy with what I'm achieving, I hope I do not let them down by letting my standard slip.
I often think to my self if I were to come into so much money that I could give up work, would I really be able to do it... I have thought long and hard about it...Well who Am I kidding I have not thought long and hard about it,, of course I would give up work, do lots of traveling buy a really good badminton racquet hire a coach LOL not one will ever beat me again.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. I might even get my own small island and turn it into a badminton island how tournaments etc....I'm really quite mad LOL

today's Instant Poem is Badminton

shuttling backwards and forwards
never far from a sprain
strings tort
pinging shots
delicate lobs
I m So happy
when I'm playing

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Movies

Played a PC game today that my daughter bought me for my birthday its called THE MOVIES. Basically is a sim about running a movie studio, is quite good played it for a few hours, you can even make your own movies.
Apart from doing that its been a busy day, taking my friends to the airport then my son to his girlfriends, then listing to Derby County loose to Birmingham City 0.1 we could have gone 6th in the Championship league if we had won. But that's football some times you can not tell what is going to happen.
Like my instant poetry I never know who the poem will turn out I just have to write it and see what happens.....So here I go again

What will happen.,.. By Tim Young

What will happen
if I shout in your ear
will you be mad
jump for your life
doth both then hit me?

I guess I wont find out.

What will Happen
If I paint your wall red
will you be mad
sue for me for damage
or just say thanks.

I guess I'm won't find out

What will Happen
If I ignore you
Will you be Mad
will you be sad
or say I never liked you any way

I guess I wont find out

What will happen
If I say I love you
Will you be mad
says it's all to late
all fall in my arms and say I love you too

I guess I won't find out.

Good Morning

It's 08.41 Saturday morning, this is my first blog entry written in the morning. Most of my blog writing is done late at night which may account for the poor spelling and grammar, not that I'm bothered too much about it. I 've never been very good at spelling, I guess have a mild case of Dyslexia. Two of my children suffer from it. So writing in the morning is a novel experience for me. Every one is asleep except me and the dog. I wonder what today will bring, I have to take my friends to the airport as they are going a away for a few days, I will than have to take my youngest son to his girlfriends as he's staying the night there then drive back to play badminton, then hopefully I might get to relax a little who knows I might even get to write some more of my blogg, if so I'll see you later..

Instant Poem Time..
Head Strong by Tim Young

I'm head strong
I know what I want
no one is going to stop me
like a speeding train
a fast car
a tank in battle
I'm going to win the day.

I'm head strong
I know what I want
eyes fixes ahead
I know my destiny
I know the prize
I know the path
I'm going to win the day

I'm head strong
I know what I want
that's the image I portray
but behind every great man
is a great woman
she give me the strength so I know
I'm going to win the day.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nearly Friday.

The title says it all, its nearly Friday. A the time of writing this there is 1h 20min till Friday. THEN the weekend can start.. Time go by so quickly, my Mum used to say "Tim as you get older time goes more quickly" of course I denied that this was possible. But as as all good mothers are she was dead right. Time is flying by. But I'm having a blast with it, Life is great wouldn't be with out it.hahahahaha.

Instant Poem.

This ones for me by Tim Young

This ones for me
too long have I tried
to please others
to be in their favor.
So today this ones for me.
I've earned the rest
put in the time.
This one's for me.
If you accuse me of selfishness
I'll say it's true
this one's for me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I don't know about you, but I'm not good at receiving praise. Though I love to tell people well done and encourage them. When people say it to me I give a little and don't quite believe what they are telling me. I know its a natural thing but I wish I were more confident in receiving praise. I suppose that if I did I would accuse myself of boasting.
Let me know what you think. Can you take praise with out getting big headed?

Big Head by Tim Young

There was a man who..
Had a large head,
it strained his neck muscles
to the point of snapping,
so he built a contraption
to hold his head still
he was so pleased
his head got bigger
the result was
the contraption
fitted no longer

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I love the simplicity of Haiku's, on my break today I put pen to paper again and wrote a simple Haiku.
Here it is

I tried to hear you
wind carried your voice away
so I remained deaf.

If you do not know there are may forms of haiku but I think the most popular if the 5,7,5 syllables haiku's, please have a go leave me a haiku for me to read on the comments section.

Ok today's Instant Poem

Hobnobs By Tim Young

Beautiful biscuit
come to me
satisfy me
your beautiful taste
your ability
to soak up coffee
as I dunk you
eat you
speed is of the essence
to slow and you fall
you sink
the bottom of
my coffee cup

Monday, October 16, 2006


To blogg will be a little different instead for writing a few lines I'm going to put a poem here, the first I wrote earlier to day.
Its not about the band I went to see the other day (see Sat 14/10/06)
its called

Psychic Bread ( I just liked the title )By Tim Young

The supermarket was the scene
for my remarkable find.
I knew you'd buy me said the loaf
I hope you do not mind
knowing this stuff
I use my head its very quick
I'm a different kind of loaf (he said )
some may call me psychic.
He went on to tell me
my most favorite topping
and all the Deli's I go to
when out grocery shopping.
and the stores I go to
I people I've Met and Fed
I was rather impressed now
by this loaf this psychic bread
But his life was short lived
but it burnt so bright,
he knew I'd use salami, ham and cheese
everything he said was right.
I smacked my lips
as I ate his bread flesh
all I could think was
now nice white and fresh.
With my last bite
I swallowed licked fingers and thumbs
he's gone now forever
All I could say was "oh crumbs"

OK I hope you like that any way here the instant Poem.

Journey by Tim Young

I went on a journey to day
I'll never go again
the smell I brought back with me
stays in my nostril's
they don't even try to get out
they stay in my clothes
my mind
taunting me.
mocking me
telling me I'm weak
I'm no good
but where
Sin raises its ugly head
Grace comes from a heavenly source
And I rest yet again
at the foot of the cross

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tomorrows the day.

Well, I feel like a small bird that been nurtured by its mother, I've been fed scraps of information for my new job. The scraps have now stopped and so fully fledged I leave the comfy nest of the training rooms to fly solo on the phones, I'm sure over the next 2 weeks I will make one hundred and one mistakes so if you need to book a collection from UPS if someone called TIM answers the phone please be gentle with me.
today's Poem is FLYING..

Flying by Tim Young

Over the earth I soar
fields and tree's
both large and small
I spy from my lofty position.
I may visit you
feed from your lawn
your garden table
I trust on one
I fear the cat.
I respect his cunning
hoping I'am more cunning than him
my wings carry me high
so high
you would love to be here
here with me
without the noise of your
flying machines.
to soar to glide
to swoop
fields and tree's
both large and small
that you too could spy from my
lofty position.

Gabcast! poems #2 - Flying

a poem about a bird flying

Psychic Bread

I went to see, In my opinion something remarkable today. It was Mark Gwynne Jones and PsychicBread. It was a fusion between Poetry and music, the performance was great and the talent of the musicians was there for all to see them at Well Worth it. Let me know what you think.
What also worth a visit if you have not already been there is my brother Blog called Dancing for beginners, there is a link to the site at the top of the page, he is a great talent. An awesome artist.

Worth a visit....By Tim Young

Life is worth a visit
you should try it sometime
its all around you
there no reason or rhyme...
you should not take a look
spend some time in the store
get some souvenirs
there nothing there to bore...
should go there now
please don't you delay
the past is past tomorrow never comes
there is only a perpetual today.

Gabcast! poems #1 - worth a visit

poem about life

Friday, October 13, 2006

The End is Here

Hi all reader of my Blog is good to have you on board, please keep reading and if you can tell your friends I would love a few more visitors to my site. And what better way than word of mouth from you my bloggy friends. Just tell them you know this great undiscovered poet who demands to be read LOL.. Well may be not... but thanks in advance to those who will tell their friends..

Friends by Tim Young..

what can I say about friends
they are the only ones
who are allowed
even encouraged
to poke fun at
to laugh at
to criticize
with out you taking offence.
Its good to have friends

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've called this post blank as those with Eagle eyes would have noticed that I published a blank blog yesterday. Ah well we all make mistakes.
I'm tired tonight so I wont write much. I hope you my readers have a good evening/day etc depending on what time zone you are on..

Time Zones.

When I get up you are going to sleep
When I go to sleep you wake up
we never meet
we never talk
time zones
time zones
It's not that we
are in different country
it's that I'm avoiding you.

The End is Near

No I've got all crazy shouting about the end of the world...
On Friday my training finishes and I start my new job properly, its a scary thought trying to put all that I have learn over the last 2 weeks in to practice. I did take a couple of calls today, made a few errors but hey its early days yet. I m confident I will get there. The support for the staff is very good there is a good atmosphere and they want you to succeed.
All it takes is support and effort from me to put into practice that which I have learnt.

Poetry TIME....
Learning. By Tim Young

I'm learning about learning
I learn through doing
Through listening
through repeating
through my mistakes
my victories
my good moments
my bad moments
my past.
And I hope I learn from....
My future

Sunday, October 08, 2006

At Last

Firstly for those who have been awaiting the next installment of my thrilling blogg...Here it is.
I have just been busy and tired so I have not have the will nor the energy to type. (what a wimp I here you cry).
My Birthday was good, I went out with some friends for a curry, really very very nice, love to go back again.
I'm looking forward to work next week, its a long time since I was looking forward to going to work and even considering going in early to swot up on what I was learning last week..
I'll try harder to keep up to date with this blogg. Many thank for you continued viewing

today's long over due poem

At Last.. By Tim Young

At last
I ve arrived
I don't know where I'm
but I'm here.
I look around me
I recognize no one
every thing I sense is new
the air I breath
the clothes I wear
the smells
the sights
I touch things for the first time
Its unreal
But I'll grow in to it
Cant wait to be able to talk
then I'll be able to tell you
my name

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Learnt about aircraft safty to day, it complicated as there are many regulation but its interesting.
My work colleagues are great, they make me feel welcome even though im a lot older them most of them.
I cant wait to start properly after i have finished all my training.
I glad im working at UPS i think i made the right choice in going there.
I hope you areliking the poetry as much as im enjoying the challenge in doing it. I have not wrote as many poems regularly for a very long time.
I keep looking at the comments but nothing for me to read. I'm not sure it thats a good or a bad to tonight poem.... lets see

Training. by Tim Young

We all need training
for the job of life
but here the hard part
there is no manual
no index of subjects to check
you just just have to
do it
be in it
experience it
make it up as you go along

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Hello to all of you out there how are you. Th new job is going well each day we leard a little more and i realise how much there is to learn, but i'm always up for a challenge, and life had to go one. sadly i have to wait til; 26 of oct to get paid so we will have to tighten our belts, good bye chicken hello beans on toast. LOL
Any way i get more in to my new job i will tell more exciting things that im doing. I'am glad to be working at UPS it seams a friendly company and for ther ringt person there will always be the chance for promotion

poem time

Promotion by Tim Young

You start at the bottom
the game
the plan
is to accend the ladder
to achceive
more money.
But be careful
thats its not at any cost
as the higher you go
the less friends you could have

New Job

Just a poem today I think

New Job by Tim Young

New Job
new challenges
new systems
new triumph
new mistake.

Old me
new situation
doing my best
best foot forward
hope to get it right.

New job
old me
new challenges
doing my best
learning all the time

sorry its short today I'll write more tomorrow

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have to say im still aching from playing football on Friday and badminton on Saturday, but as I always say what does not kill me will make me stronger. I hope that as I do more the aches and pains will go away. And I might increase my fittness and loose a little weight. I also going to buy a push bike so I can cycle to work if I put the effort in now I think my quality of life will be better when I get older, so here's to the future.

poem time..

the future by Tim young

Everyone always says
the future becomes the past
but we must learn
from the past
to make sense of the future
our choices now
affect how we react
deal with
the future.
Like choice to eat sensibly
to effect out bodies
to look after our self
so lets be proactive
in life in our choices
and not let life
happen' to us
like a leaf in a stream
going where the current takes us.
We need to be like a boat with a rudder
so we can at least guide
plan our path
through life
to the future


This was my day in short...
got up
when shopping
made dinner
fell asleep
played badminton
when to a friends for a curry
watched a movie
did this blogg.
I'm tired so I have kept this short


Short by Tim young

Saying words out loud
however you say them
our minds make sense of them
reveal them to our emotions
to make us understand.
In short we speak we learn

Friday, September 29, 2006


I played football tonite, some of the youth from the church I go to have been asking me to play, so tonite I went along. I'm not saying I need a doctor but few pulled muscles are signs of two things
1, I'm not that fit.
2, I'm not that fit.

I'm glad though that I have being playing badminton regularly for the last 18 months so I'm not as unit as I could have been.
Anyway I think I played fairly well and scored a goal so not a bad night for me.

Poem time.

HAHAHA by Tim young

takes the blues away
they say
(who ever they are )
that laughter could help
you live longer
Tommy Cooper died on stage
making people laugh.
But surely it depends on the Joke.
If the comedian tells a good joke
thumbs up let him live
if a the comedian tells a bad joke
pelt him with tomatoes
but remember always
take them out of the tin first

Thursday, September 28, 2006


My PC desk is a magnet of clutter. Currently around my monitor is my phone a pen an iron maiden CD (not mine) some letters a cup and some tissues (unused) a web cam a box the router and the modem oh and some cellotape, clutter where it comes from is anyone's guess I don't think any of it is mine, but hey that's life, life is full of clutter some times that's why holidays are so important, a chance to get away from it all. I guess I could go on about like and how to de clutter it. But I'll leave that up to the experts...

Poem time.....Subject.....

Experts by Tim young

I'm not an expert
I don't have letters after my name
you got to be kidding
college no way
I'm not an expert.
Politicians are experts so they say
but they can't solve all the problems.
they have the degrees
the qualifications.
Me I only have the vote
and that's because only through age
by being old enough
I did not earn the right to vote
If I don't like what the experts are doing
I can vote them out
what power I have in a little cross
on a piece of printed paper
on voting day.
Not bad eh
for a 'non' expert...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


There is no finer supper than a Cob with cheese and cucumber. I don't believe all this nonsense that cheese makes you dream, it never worked with me. I don't know about you but I love Cheese all forms of cheese tho I'm not too keen on cottage cheese, why Am I telling you this...Well I have no idea, I tend to write about whatever is on my mind, and so when I was started today's blog I was eating a cheese cob. I left my place of work today as I'm starting a new Job on Monday 02./10./06 with UPS. I'm sad too leave but I had to go as I'm being made redundant. What saddened me most was that the team leader nor the customer service manager had the decency to say thank you or good bye. It take nothing to have good manners and say a quick goodbye and thanks for your hard work. Ah well I left I will have to let the disappointment go and move on.

instant poem

Moving on. By TimYoung

I'm moving on today
the past left behind
one step
then another
then another
this is the journey of life
one step
then another
some times we go from A to B
some times we wander
from A to Z then back to B
all the time its.....
one step then another
then another.
From the cradle to the grave
the journey of life
one step
then another
what we do between
the beginning
the End
is up to us
the canvas is ours to paint
With paint on our feet
the record of our journey
is made
one step
then another

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Just to let you know I have started to put together my family tree, I thought that it would be so easy, like it is on the Telly, however frustration is my new best friend as even though I have birth dates and names I cant find anything, ah well what does not kill me will make me stronger ggggrrrrrrrrr. May be I'm doing something wrong, so it will be off the records office this week to see if I van find out anything else, I'll let you know.

Family Tree by Tim Young

May Family tree
slowly but it grows
I wonder who planted it
My task
my job
is to find out.
I hope find
something good
even a thief
a cad
would be better

Monday, September 25, 2006


What Am I amazed about I here you cry. I'm amazed that I'm still doing this, not that it takes up a lot of my time but I tend to do something religiously for a while until the novelty wares off then I slowly lose interest, I hope this does not happen for a long time.
Speaking of time....

Time by Tim young

Each tick

from each clock

from every room

in my house.

Time is sent out.

Invisible moments of time

enter my eyes.

But here the problem


As I blink

my eye lashes

deflect away the

invisible moments

of time

and so time goes by

without me seeing it.

I guess that as I have grown older

I have started to blink more

so time seems to go by

far too quickly

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So how are you? If you are reading this, thanks. I hope you are well. Not sure what to write tonight.
went to church, it was good and uplifting, out Pastor is away in holiday so there were a few empty seats as there always is when he goes away. Why people do not come when he is not there is beyond me, God is still there he is worth turning up for.
One of favorite things about the service in the evening is the times of fellowship afterwards, having chat a coffee with good friends, asking them how they are and just chatting abut every day things, its called having fellowship, its good to get to know people, to make friends with people, life can be so shallow, we get in the habit of saying how are you and not meaning it, God forbid that they should actually tell you there problems. I love when people are genuinely interested in me to want to know how I'm really feeling.
Its to let people know that you care about them, it leaves them feeling loved and appreciated.
See you all tomorrow.

instant poem.... Tomorrow

tomorrow by Tim Young

Tomorrow never comes
they say
like the 57 bus I say
That never comes
or at least is often late.
What if tomorrow was late
today would be
freakishly long
how our lives would
be more complicated
I'm glad the days and weeks and months
are solid
that we know how the seasons will go.
The earth rotate
as it always has.
Round and round
the human race
clinging on for dear life.
I would not miss this ride
for anything

ty 24.09.06

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Played Boggle tonight, I was hopeless I came last. Ah well I Can't win at everything.
When I play games what ever they are I play to win. I'm competitive, though I do not want to win at all costs. Its the same in life I do not want to just go through life aimlessly I want to "win". Some years ago I heard a preacher talk about Jesus and what he had done for me, It struck a cord with me and that night in June 1978 I became a Christian, I have looked back since God has been so good to me, I thank my brother for also telling me about Jesus and praying for me.
The Blogg is not going to be a place for me to preach at you my readers, but I hope you respect my belief that God is the only God and he has never let me down, well he did die for me and he has forgiven my Sins (all my Wrong doings) So I'm extremely;y grateful to him for doing that, and I did not have to do anything other than trust him.
My blogg is always open for you, so if you have any questions about my faith please ask away.

today's Instant Poetry.....Subject Winning.

Winning by Tim Young 23.09.06
Winning I like to win
Its in our nature to Win
to come first

to do out best
to try our hardest.

I'm not a bad loser

I hope I'm not a bad winner

If I win
I won't boast
I will praise you

Say how well you did.

We must learn
how to lose
before we can win well.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Never by Tim young

Never had I thought
even imagined
that I would be
so happy
so in love
so captivated
by your eyes
your beauty
just you
how much do I love you?
more that words can tell

The love of my life is Wendy, what I would do without her is unthinkable.
She is my life she keeps me sane and happy
she works hard and is always kind and thoughtful. I owe her much.
This year on Oct 02 we will have been married for 24 years, next year we are going to renew our vows and go on a second honeymoon to menorca.
I can't wait

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well it had to happen sometime, pop, fizz, smoke. The power supply on the PC blew up, dead.
I mourned its passing, boo hoo, I'm surprised how much I missed it. The PC was taken to WebSystems in Bulwell ( they are brilliant ) they fixed it and now it is back purring like a kitten.
I've also increased its memory so its working very fast now.
I'll try to write more in my next few posts
So time for Instant Poetry......Subject.. Death of a computer

Death of a computer by Tim young

I had a heart transplant today
the brain was ok
but the heart went bang
in a flash of light
pop, fizz, smoke.
The chest had to be opened
a new heart was "plugged" in
the electric switch was pushed
and the heart received
a jolt
of electricity
it started first time.

I was not my real heart
it was
my other heart
the power supply
to the PC
my digital life died
but now it lives again

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today I'm officially tired, after yesterdays activities , so my blogg entry will not be very long.
Today was my mother in laws Birthday, 85 years, an inspiration I hope she has many many more.

today's Poem 85 years.

85 years by Tim young

What will I be when I'm 85
where will I be
will I have all my marbles
or be dribbling in my soup
my days are numbered.
Only God knows the number
so if God has my life
the I know
I'm in safe hands

ty 17.09.06

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blisters, on both my feet are testimony to the hard work I have put in, in the name of recreation.
Firstly a 9 mile walk along the river Trent, we got home at 4.00pm then with in the hour we were playing badminton. I'm resting now my feet are still hurting but they will soon mend. What does not kill me will make me stronger.
I was a good day, spent with great people keeping this short today as I'm tired.
Thought I have to say Derby drew with Preston so we earn another point, which also means I pick up two points in the "beat the manager" league and go a little further up the table, I'm now higher than my brother hope this continues through out the rest of the season.

Instant Poem time....Subject Blisters

Blisters by Tim young

My feet are singing
my feet are stinging
testimony to....
walking fast with...
Ill fitting boots.
I walked through the pain
to the prize
the Car
the Journey home swifter
than the trip out

Friday, September 15, 2006


Another frustrating day at work, I wont go in to it here but I do not want to bore you and this is not the place for boring people...
Worked at a local youth club tonight we have just started back from the 6 week summer holiday break and it feels like we have never been away, I think I'm feeling a little negative at the moment, but that's what a blogg is about. It's about a snap shot of some one's life and their feelings, and I am feel a little negative. I will be better tho after a long sleep....So poetry I here you cry what offering will I bring you today...My instant poem tonight will be about being negative.

Negative by Tim young

feeling a little blue today
past my best
rubbish on the TV
so to the internet I go
here I control
what I look at
I get to please myself
if I don't like it
click its gone
so I visit sites
that make me laugh
I'm warming up
the blue Is fading.

I hope you like the above poem
see you tomorrow
God Willing


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok I'm still here

Well at least I am not a one post wonder.
Today was frustrating at work, you see I finish on the 27th to start a new job at UPS, I cant wait so in finding motivation difficult at the moment and even the smallest thing is annoying me, but I'm doing my best to remain positive and cheerful.
So those of you et to read my second post Hello and welcome I'm glad you are along for the ride.
Maybe you are here to see what im writing and whether anything is earth shattering or amazing but may be you are here to see what is the next installment of instant poetry, if this is new to you I think of a subject as am writing this blogg then just write it without editing it so as I think it I type it I hope the results are good. What I need a second topic from today entry. I know Frustration.

Frustration by Tim young

all around me
hounding me
mocking me
trying to break my will
trying to stop me
But im having none of it
I'll be cheerful
all the time.

Well that's not possible is it?
I find that frustrating

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The First One

They say you never forget your first Love. I hope its true as I'm married to my first Love Wendy.
I would not want to forget her...not that she'd let me.
What do I want to show you in my Blog, well apart from my thoughts on life the universe and everything, I would like to share some of my Poetry. What I would like to do is to do some instant poetry, in other words just think of something on the spot and just write it, so lets have a go now,
First I need subject..Oh yes Blogging.. Ok here goes this is genuine this was typed as I thought about it. I hope you like it. I hope I like it.

Blogging.. By Tim young 13.09.06

blogging my thoughts
conveying my feelings
letting my thoughts fall
from my fingers through the keyboard
to the Web
to show the world
at least the few who will stop by
and read
and consider
maybe comment
maybe encourage.

So that was my first instant poem, let me know your thoughts. How ever it comes out that's how it will stay, if is good then im happy if is poor at least I will learn from them.

Bye for now

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