Friday, September 15, 2006


Another frustrating day at work, I wont go in to it here but I do not want to bore you and this is not the place for boring people...
Worked at a local youth club tonight we have just started back from the 6 week summer holiday break and it feels like we have never been away, I think I'm feeling a little negative at the moment, but that's what a blogg is about. It's about a snap shot of some one's life and their feelings, and I am feel a little negative. I will be better tho after a long sleep....So poetry I here you cry what offering will I bring you today...My instant poem tonight will be about being negative.

Negative by Tim young

feeling a little blue today
past my best
rubbish on the TV
so to the internet I go
here I control
what I look at
I get to please myself
if I don't like it
click its gone
so I visit sites
that make me laugh
I'm warming up
the blue Is fading.

I hope you like the above poem
see you tomorrow
God Willing


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