Saturday, December 02, 2006


I hope I never tire of writing poetry. When I started to write poetry back in the very early 1980's I was trying to copy my brother, who wrote songs, I realised that that was something I could not do, so my attempts at righting songs turned into poetry. I hope that over the years my poetry has matured, when I look back at those first few I realise how far I have come. I'm very happy with what I write Even if other do not like them I do, I do not go back to them and rewrite them. Whether I will in the future I can not yet say.

Poem. Rats By Tim Young

Noses twitching
whiskers moving
alert ears and eyes
constantly searching
for danger
for foot
for attention.
Small feet
sharp claw
and long scaly tail.
They are distrusted
by many
who do not understand them.
Yet in their domesticated form
their lives as pets
are unsurpassed
they are intelligent
and funny.
Please spend a few hours
in the company of Rats
and you will see
your fears melt away
your prejudices forgotten
try to understand them
as we fear only those things
that we do not understand.


Ps said...

I really like your poems and think that they are great.Keep writing.I like look of your blog--its better than the pink you had earlier.

Niall Young said...

The ever changing face of your blog!..maybe it should be linked to your mood? that case what does the pink one say about you?

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