Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I don't know about you, but I'm not good at receiving praise. Though I love to tell people well done and encourage them. When people say it to me I give a little and don't quite believe what they are telling me. I know its a natural thing but I wish I were more confident in receiving praise. I suppose that if I did I would accuse myself of boasting.
Let me know what you think. Can you take praise with out getting big headed?

Big Head by Tim Young

There was a man who..
Had a large head,
it strained his neck muscles
to the point of snapping,
so he built a contraption
to hold his head still
he was so pleased
his head got bigger
the result was
the contraption
fitted no longer

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Niall Young said...

I find that if you appologise to, or are self depreciative towards those who would complement you, you are in effect saying to the person that they are wrong, have poor judgment and that you have wasted your time doing whatever it is you've been complemented's much easier just to say "Thankyou" and accept the praise.

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