Monday, December 18, 2006

New York builders

I have a picture on my wall, its famous picture, am sure you know the one, it the one where 11 new york builders are sitting on Girder high up over new York, the fascinating thing is that they are not wearing safety harness, this would not happen to day. We are so obsessed with making every thing so safe we are so afraid that some one will Sue us that we have to put "contents may be hot" on a coffee cup in a vending machine. Society is changing some of it for the better but not all of it, We have to be so careful about what we say and do. Even Jesus is being pushed slowly out of Christmas because it might offend some one from another religion.

Poetry Time.

Unforgiven. by Tim Young

Are you unforgiven
does guilt hound you
search for you
eat away at your thoughts.
We can be so bound up
as we has have not been able to
or unwilling to forgive
or we have not asked for
or wanted to receive forgiveness.
Yet to be forgive
is liberating
to receive forgiveness
is amazing.
I hope pride will not
stand in our way.
where as Pride is a terrible master
freedom leads you to happiness

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Ps said...

It is not always easy to forgive.Yet, not to forgive is to hold a terrible burden in your heart.And guilt--Ah, that terrible monster that always looks over all our shoulders, when it should be banished, to someplace where it can never emerge to haunt.

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