Friday, September 29, 2006


I played football tonite, some of the youth from the church I go to have been asking me to play, so tonite I went along. I'm not saying I need a doctor but few pulled muscles are signs of two things
1, I'm not that fit.
2, I'm not that fit.

I'm glad though that I have being playing badminton regularly for the last 18 months so I'm not as unit as I could have been.
Anyway I think I played fairly well and scored a goal so not a bad night for me.

Poem time.

HAHAHA by Tim young

takes the blues away
they say
(who ever they are )
that laughter could help
you live longer
Tommy Cooper died on stage
making people laugh.
But surely it depends on the Joke.
If the comedian tells a good joke
thumbs up let him live
if a the comedian tells a bad joke
pelt him with tomatoes
but remember always
take them out of the tin first

Thursday, September 28, 2006


My PC desk is a magnet of clutter. Currently around my monitor is my phone a pen an iron maiden CD (not mine) some letters a cup and some tissues (unused) a web cam a box the router and the modem oh and some cellotape, clutter where it comes from is anyone's guess I don't think any of it is mine, but hey that's life, life is full of clutter some times that's why holidays are so important, a chance to get away from it all. I guess I could go on about like and how to de clutter it. But I'll leave that up to the experts...

Poem time.....Subject.....

Experts by Tim young

I'm not an expert
I don't have letters after my name
you got to be kidding
college no way
I'm not an expert.
Politicians are experts so they say
but they can't solve all the problems.
they have the degrees
the qualifications.
Me I only have the vote
and that's because only through age
by being old enough
I did not earn the right to vote
If I don't like what the experts are doing
I can vote them out
what power I have in a little cross
on a piece of printed paper
on voting day.
Not bad eh
for a 'non' expert...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


There is no finer supper than a Cob with cheese and cucumber. I don't believe all this nonsense that cheese makes you dream, it never worked with me. I don't know about you but I love Cheese all forms of cheese tho I'm not too keen on cottage cheese, why Am I telling you this...Well I have no idea, I tend to write about whatever is on my mind, and so when I was started today's blog I was eating a cheese cob. I left my place of work today as I'm starting a new Job on Monday 02./10./06 with UPS. I'm sad too leave but I had to go as I'm being made redundant. What saddened me most was that the team leader nor the customer service manager had the decency to say thank you or good bye. It take nothing to have good manners and say a quick goodbye and thanks for your hard work. Ah well I left I will have to let the disappointment go and move on.

instant poem

Moving on. By TimYoung

I'm moving on today
the past left behind
one step
then another
then another
this is the journey of life
one step
then another
some times we go from A to B
some times we wander
from A to Z then back to B
all the time its.....
one step then another
then another.
From the cradle to the grave
the journey of life
one step
then another
what we do between
the beginning
the End
is up to us
the canvas is ours to paint
With paint on our feet
the record of our journey
is made
one step
then another

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Just to let you know I have started to put together my family tree, I thought that it would be so easy, like it is on the Telly, however frustration is my new best friend as even though I have birth dates and names I cant find anything, ah well what does not kill me will make me stronger ggggrrrrrrrrr. May be I'm doing something wrong, so it will be off the records office this week to see if I van find out anything else, I'll let you know.

Family Tree by Tim Young

May Family tree
slowly but it grows
I wonder who planted it
My task
my job
is to find out.
I hope find
something good
even a thief
a cad
would be better

Monday, September 25, 2006


What Am I amazed about I here you cry. I'm amazed that I'm still doing this, not that it takes up a lot of my time but I tend to do something religiously for a while until the novelty wares off then I slowly lose interest, I hope this does not happen for a long time.
Speaking of time....

Time by Tim young

Each tick

from each clock

from every room

in my house.

Time is sent out.

Invisible moments of time

enter my eyes.

But here the problem


As I blink

my eye lashes

deflect away the

invisible moments

of time

and so time goes by

without me seeing it.

I guess that as I have grown older

I have started to blink more

so time seems to go by

far too quickly

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So how are you? If you are reading this, thanks. I hope you are well. Not sure what to write tonight.
went to church, it was good and uplifting, out Pastor is away in holiday so there were a few empty seats as there always is when he goes away. Why people do not come when he is not there is beyond me, God is still there he is worth turning up for.
One of favorite things about the service in the evening is the times of fellowship afterwards, having chat a coffee with good friends, asking them how they are and just chatting abut every day things, its called having fellowship, its good to get to know people, to make friends with people, life can be so shallow, we get in the habit of saying how are you and not meaning it, God forbid that they should actually tell you there problems. I love when people are genuinely interested in me to want to know how I'm really feeling.
Its to let people know that you care about them, it leaves them feeling loved and appreciated.
See you all tomorrow.

instant poem.... Tomorrow

tomorrow by Tim Young

Tomorrow never comes
they say
like the 57 bus I say
That never comes
or at least is often late.
What if tomorrow was late
today would be
freakishly long
how our lives would
be more complicated
I'm glad the days and weeks and months
are solid
that we know how the seasons will go.
The earth rotate
as it always has.
Round and round
the human race
clinging on for dear life.
I would not miss this ride
for anything

ty 24.09.06

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Played Boggle tonight, I was hopeless I came last. Ah well I Can't win at everything.
When I play games what ever they are I play to win. I'm competitive, though I do not want to win at all costs. Its the same in life I do not want to just go through life aimlessly I want to "win". Some years ago I heard a preacher talk about Jesus and what he had done for me, It struck a cord with me and that night in June 1978 I became a Christian, I have looked back since God has been so good to me, I thank my brother for also telling me about Jesus and praying for me.
The Blogg is not going to be a place for me to preach at you my readers, but I hope you respect my belief that God is the only God and he has never let me down, well he did die for me and he has forgiven my Sins (all my Wrong doings) So I'm extremely;y grateful to him for doing that, and I did not have to do anything other than trust him.
My blogg is always open for you, so if you have any questions about my faith please ask away.

today's Instant Poetry.....Subject Winning.

Winning by Tim Young 23.09.06
Winning I like to win
Its in our nature to Win
to come first

to do out best
to try our hardest.

I'm not a bad loser

I hope I'm not a bad winner

If I win
I won't boast
I will praise you

Say how well you did.

We must learn
how to lose
before we can win well.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Never by Tim young

Never had I thought
even imagined
that I would be
so happy
so in love
so captivated
by your eyes
your beauty
just you
how much do I love you?
more that words can tell

The love of my life is Wendy, what I would do without her is unthinkable.
She is my life she keeps me sane and happy
she works hard and is always kind and thoughtful. I owe her much.
This year on Oct 02 we will have been married for 24 years, next year we are going to renew our vows and go on a second honeymoon to menorca.
I can't wait

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well it had to happen sometime, pop, fizz, smoke. The power supply on the PC blew up, dead.
I mourned its passing, boo hoo, I'm surprised how much I missed it. The PC was taken to WebSystems in Bulwell ( they are brilliant ) they fixed it and now it is back purring like a kitten.
I've also increased its memory so its working very fast now.
I'll try to write more in my next few posts
So time for Instant Poetry......Subject.. Death of a computer

Death of a computer by Tim young

I had a heart transplant today
the brain was ok
but the heart went bang
in a flash of light
pop, fizz, smoke.
The chest had to be opened
a new heart was "plugged" in
the electric switch was pushed
and the heart received
a jolt
of electricity
it started first time.

I was not my real heart
it was
my other heart
the power supply
to the PC
my digital life died
but now it lives again

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today I'm officially tired, after yesterdays activities , so my blogg entry will not be very long.
Today was my mother in laws Birthday, 85 years, an inspiration I hope she has many many more.

today's Poem 85 years.

85 years by Tim young

What will I be when I'm 85
where will I be
will I have all my marbles
or be dribbling in my soup
my days are numbered.
Only God knows the number
so if God has my life
the I know
I'm in safe hands

ty 17.09.06

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blisters, on both my feet are testimony to the hard work I have put in, in the name of recreation.
Firstly a 9 mile walk along the river Trent, we got home at 4.00pm then with in the hour we were playing badminton. I'm resting now my feet are still hurting but they will soon mend. What does not kill me will make me stronger.
I was a good day, spent with great people keeping this short today as I'm tired.
Thought I have to say Derby drew with Preston so we earn another point, which also means I pick up two points in the "beat the manager" league and go a little further up the table, I'm now higher than my brother hope this continues through out the rest of the season.

Instant Poem time....Subject Blisters

Blisters by Tim young

My feet are singing
my feet are stinging
testimony to....
walking fast with...
Ill fitting boots.
I walked through the pain
to the prize
the Car
the Journey home swifter
than the trip out

Friday, September 15, 2006


Another frustrating day at work, I wont go in to it here but I do not want to bore you and this is not the place for boring people...
Worked at a local youth club tonight we have just started back from the 6 week summer holiday break and it feels like we have never been away, I think I'm feeling a little negative at the moment, but that's what a blogg is about. It's about a snap shot of some one's life and their feelings, and I am feel a little negative. I will be better tho after a long sleep....So poetry I here you cry what offering will I bring you today...My instant poem tonight will be about being negative.

Negative by Tim young

feeling a little blue today
past my best
rubbish on the TV
so to the internet I go
here I control
what I look at
I get to please myself
if I don't like it
click its gone
so I visit sites
that make me laugh
I'm warming up
the blue Is fading.

I hope you like the above poem
see you tomorrow
God Willing


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok I'm still here

Well at least I am not a one post wonder.
Today was frustrating at work, you see I finish on the 27th to start a new job at UPS, I cant wait so in finding motivation difficult at the moment and even the smallest thing is annoying me, but I'm doing my best to remain positive and cheerful.
So those of you et to read my second post Hello and welcome I'm glad you are along for the ride.
Maybe you are here to see what im writing and whether anything is earth shattering or amazing but may be you are here to see what is the next installment of instant poetry, if this is new to you I think of a subject as am writing this blogg then just write it without editing it so as I think it I type it I hope the results are good. What I need a second topic from today entry. I know Frustration.

Frustration by Tim young

all around me
hounding me
mocking me
trying to break my will
trying to stop me
But im having none of it
I'll be cheerful
all the time.

Well that's not possible is it?
I find that frustrating

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The First One

They say you never forget your first Love. I hope its true as I'm married to my first Love Wendy.
I would not want to forget her...not that she'd let me.
What do I want to show you in my Blog, well apart from my thoughts on life the universe and everything, I would like to share some of my Poetry. What I would like to do is to do some instant poetry, in other words just think of something on the spot and just write it, so lets have a go now,
First I need subject..Oh yes Blogging.. Ok here goes this is genuine this was typed as I thought about it. I hope you like it. I hope I like it.

Blogging.. By Tim young 13.09.06

blogging my thoughts
conveying my feelings
letting my thoughts fall
from my fingers through the keyboard
to the Web
to show the world
at least the few who will stop by
and read
and consider
maybe comment
maybe encourage.

So that was my first instant poem, let me know your thoughts. How ever it comes out that's how it will stay, if is good then im happy if is poor at least I will learn from them.

Bye for now

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