Sunday, September 24, 2006


So how are you? If you are reading this, thanks. I hope you are well. Not sure what to write tonight.
went to church, it was good and uplifting, out Pastor is away in holiday so there were a few empty seats as there always is when he goes away. Why people do not come when he is not there is beyond me, God is still there he is worth turning up for.
One of favorite things about the service in the evening is the times of fellowship afterwards, having chat a coffee with good friends, asking them how they are and just chatting abut every day things, its called having fellowship, its good to get to know people, to make friends with people, life can be so shallow, we get in the habit of saying how are you and not meaning it, God forbid that they should actually tell you there problems. I love when people are genuinely interested in me to want to know how I'm really feeling.
Its to let people know that you care about them, it leaves them feeling loved and appreciated.
See you all tomorrow.

instant poem.... Tomorrow

tomorrow by Tim Young

Tomorrow never comes
they say
like the 57 bus I say
That never comes
or at least is often late.
What if tomorrow was late
today would be
freakishly long
how our lives would
be more complicated
I'm glad the days and weeks and months
are solid
that we know how the seasons will go.
The earth rotate
as it always has.
Round and round
the human race
clinging on for dear life.
I would not miss this ride
for anything

ty 24.09.06

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Ps said...

Very original and creative.I loved it.

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