Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chinese Beer

Went to a Chinese restaurant today and tried a glass of Chinese Beer, it was so good. It was called Tsing TAO. So refreshing. The meal was good not expebsive, it was shared with some great friends. The kind of friend you never get tired of seeing or talking to.
I will be going back some time. Though I will have to burn all thought extra callories off first. Another visit to the gym.


rising bubbles
sweet smooth taste
Rice and Hops.
Blended to perfection.
Food from Wok
Friends to share

TY 06/03/10

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The MoonBridge

The Moonbridge was a painting and I think I remember a sculpture. both done by My brother Niall. Over the years the images of the moonbridge stayed with me. Then about 10 years ago I got the Idea for a book. I called it the Moonbridge. I have finally finished typing it up. My next step is to give it to a friend who was an English teacher and let her look it over. I may to make ome changes to my poor English and may be re write some of it if there are obvious continuity errors etc. But on the whole it is finished. Then I will look for a publisher. Who know. nothing ventured nothing gained.

The MoonBridge

Rising up majestic.
To the sky.
The Moonbridge stands.
Two figures climb to the top
awestruck by what they see.

pin pricks of star light
break up the vast expanse
of deepest black space.
millions of stars.
The universe sretches out

The moon
Orbiting our planet
Glows from the sunlight
How many of us fail to look up
to see the beauty above us

Ty 03/03/10

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Brave One

saw a film the other day call The Brave One. It starred Jodie Foster. I recommend you watch it, its about how she comes to terms with the violent death of her boy friend. This changes her life and she becomes a vigilante. Ultimately she gets revenge on the guys that killed her boyfriend, and she gets her dog back.


What is it to be brave?
Is it
Sitting in the dentist not shaking.
Is it
Fighting for your country
Is it
Being in the same room as a spider.
Is it
Talking in front of strangers.
Is it
Coping with an illness.
May be is all of these
Or non of these.
Like all things in life
The bounderies are not black or white.
It is more the case
That bravery
Id what ever we want it to be.

Ty 02/03/10
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