Friday, October 13, 2006

The End is Here

Hi all reader of my Blog is good to have you on board, please keep reading and if you can tell your friends I would love a few more visitors to my site. And what better way than word of mouth from you my bloggy friends. Just tell them you know this great undiscovered poet who demands to be read LOL.. Well may be not... but thanks in advance to those who will tell their friends..

Friends by Tim Young..

what can I say about friends
they are the only ones
who are allowed
even encouraged
to poke fun at
to laugh at
to criticize
with out you taking offence.
Its good to have friends

1 comment:

Niall Young said...

A man at a greyhound meeting, decides to bet all his money on one particular with his wifes name...the dog comes last and he loses all his money..he tells his friend who tells him maybe he was wrong to marry a woman called MR.Skippy....


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