Monday, December 01, 2008

Just before Work

HI, Its 7.51am 9 mins before setting out for work on my bicycle. Just got it back mended with a new back wheel, however there is still a fault with it, I think it needs a new crank, and just the crank that rides it. hahaha
have not got much time to write today so I will leave it at that.

Just before work....

Sleep out eyes
breakfast TV
pack back
get bike.
coat on
cold air
avoiding cars
fast as possible
lock bike
lift 3 rd floor
computer on

ty 01.12.08

Friday, November 21, 2008

my art work

Hope you like these.


instant poetry

Just a reminder about instant poetry, it when I think up a subject on the spot and just write a poem with thinking too much pretty much straight of the top of my head.

Head there is a good subject.

Head by Tim Young

What goes on
deep down inside
what dark thoughts
inside my head.
Some time these thoughts
push their way
past my filters
of what I should say or not say
Their utterance
from my mouth
to the ears
of the lstener
may cause laughter
or may be
all these.
but that's life
Human life.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back again

Hi All, I'm back again, I really should get back back to this its been a long time. One thing I have learnt through this is that you have to make posts to get comments, since I have been away I have had I think only one comment two on maybe three. I have just received a comment so thought I'm have to do another entry. I have not been writing much poetry recently. I have been doing a little art work. A local gallery has taken one of my pieces and will be selling it as a limited edition print. My daughter also makes felted jewelery she has sold some to the same gallery and is busy making some more.

A statement... by Tim Young

Do I have to make a statement
leave my mark on the world
a legacy.
Do I have to invent
a device so cunning
so cleaver.
Do I have to say
words of wisdom
so cunning.


I need to be myself
may be i will make a statement
leave an invention
or words of wisdom
for future generations.
That may have but only as a result
of being me.

TY 10.11.08

Monday, April 28, 2008

art work

Hop you like this series of pics and the poem.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nudes again

Hi all above you will find the latest piece of art work that I'am doing, This is from a set of three and the forth will be poem. I hope you like it so far, this has taken several hours it is done using pencil crayon, a medium I'am not used to working with, but I'am pleased with the result. Tim Young

Naked we come into this world
we clothe our selves
to hide
to make others feel comfortable
to make our selves feel comfortable.
So with the mind
we hide minds in thoughts
we clothe it
in ideas
We should shed these clothes
and see with purity
the God who made us

Friday, April 04, 2008

Time is Slipping

Hi All

Time is fast going by. The hands of the clock are not waiting for anyone.It seams so long ago now that I have dedicated much time to my blog. I have been busy doing other things, like writing murder mysteries. I have now written 3. When I say murder mysteries I do not mean books ( novels ) I mean plays that are done, while people are having a meal, they then have to decide who did it and why.
Any way I probably will not spent too much in the future doing my blog, that's life ting move and attitude change for me I have other priorities. I don't think I will stop altogether. tim Young

You have a bad attitude
Said the man to me
he did not know me
I just did some thing
that he
did not agree with.
A judgment made
with out asking why.
What is in the heart
so speaks the mouth.
What is the first thing
that comes in to your mind
when challenged
are you outraged
or inspired
to change
to ask why
to ask why not.
do you see the good in people
do you criticise.
Do you frown or smile.
Do you say I'm no good
do you boast.
we are complex all different.
My glass is half full.
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