Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nearly over

In 3 weeks time it will be over, another Christmas done and dusted. In 4 weeks the toys bought for the all the children will either be discarded or broken. Its nothing new I guess its always been like that. I used to love the faces of my children when they opened their presents on Christmas morning, Christmas is a great time for kids. I still enjoy it and still get very excited not least that I will get a few gifts but also I get some time off work to spend with my family. I could not think of anything better.

Toy?... by TIM YOUNG

I sat on the shelf waiting
for a hungry hand to snatch me up
I saw the shelves empty around me
I wondered
I waited
The coloured lights
flash in the window
Its that time of year again.
I wait.

Then it happened
a hand reached out
grabbed me
I was examined
I felt precious
I was placed in a basket and paid for
My waiting was over.
I arrived home a few hours later
placed in a special place and I waited

The house was busy
lights flashing
music playing
then when it was all over
I knew my time was coming
I hand reach out and used a part of me
That part was swallowed with water.
The poor soul bleary eyed went back to bed.

Every body needs sometime
for the morning after headache.

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Ps said...

A really nice point of view from the "other side".I loved the idea and the poem.Nicely written too.I'd written a poem about waiting many years back.I'll blog it, as soon as I get time to key it in.

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