Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday once again.

So Its Friday once again. I'm ready for the week end , Are you?? I do not have anything planned hopefully gets lots of sleep. I'm not sitting here looking at my PC wondering what on earth I am going to write about, then I thought I'd write about wondering what I'm going to write about. De ja vu.

Today's Poem.. Sleep by Tim Young

As soon as my eyes close
I'm off to a better place
pictures and sounds
can fill my mind
with out the aid of drugs
fantastic adventure
where I fly
meet strange people
do strange things
but even strange is normal
in dream land.
Till my eye open
my dream world is real
but when my eyes are open
the light that rushes in
washes away my dreams
and my memory of them

1 comment:

Ps said...

So true! Who does not welcome sleep? Dreams have a way of fading away as the day progresses and later they appear more and more unreal.. As soon as you wake up it is still fresh, and it feels like it really happened.Your poem has nicely captured this essence.

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