Tuesday, December 12, 2006


61 no not my age but my 61st post. I can't believe it. Time seams to be going so quickly.
Next October is my 25Th wedding anniversary, so a few months ago we booked a Holiday to Menorca. We received a letter last week informing us that the flight we had booked on from the East Midland Airport was now cancelled. We went to the travel agents and tried several ways to sort it out, that would enable us to fly from the same airport but sadly we were unable to, which means that we now have to travel to Manchester airport. Its not too much out of the way but we will be flying later in the day.

Poem time. Flying by Tim Young

A huge lump of shaped metal
being propelled forward
managed to rise in the air.
And stay there!!!!
I have been there
I know its true.
I've been above the clouds
looked down on the earth
far below.
I been there and experienced a dream
that I could fly.
I want to go again

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