Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Body

The Human Body is amazing, have you ever wondered about how great to are. So complex so amazing just so you can be you...
I have done some picture that feature the human body, I'm sorry if you are offended by nudity but I thought Ii would put them here for you to see. Ha Ha my brother is not the only artist in the family.. tho he's better then me.. quite rightly so his talent is amazing.
Sorry that the quality of the photos is not that good, but I hope you like them.

Poem Time yet again. The Body .. by Tim Young

The Body
so you can be you
designed perfectly.
What ever your size
what ever your colour
you are amazing
to get a computer
a robot
to do what you do
is impossible
from you brain
to you little toe
you are
totally amazing
so do not let
anyone at all
tell you any different

1 comment:

Niall Young said...

I'm glad you were able to include to drawing you did of me in this post! ( the one on the right!)

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