Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Things

All Things new
this happens
when change arrives
like a  whirlwind
blowing the old away
bringing the new
like black clouds
revealing the new
blue sky over head.
Change is inevitable
Whoever you are
where ever you are
rich folk
poor folk
change is coming
be ready

ty 30.05.07

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


when all around is noisy
when they are clammering for you
to feed them
sooth them
advice them
and when it seems you can give no more
then close your eyes
take a deep breath
and imagine a stream in a wood
and then know
that many miles away
someone is doing the same
and there you will find me
by your side
to help you gain control
and find a little peace through friendship
with someone many miles away
yet close to your heart and mind
 ty 30.05.07

Friday, May 25, 2007

some time

Some times I do
Some times I dont
Somes i can
Somes times I can't
Some times i see
Some times I'm blind
Some times I'm warm
Some times I'm cold

Some times

some times

Between times I am me
Every day me
neither praising myself
nor beating myself up
over what i can
or can't
Over what i should
or should't
Over what i have
or haven't

The concept of ME
is hard to grasp
I know me too well
I can not see me as other see me
which is a shame.
I may or may not accept
more or less
I already do.

Humans are complicated
I'm Human
I'm complicated

ty 25.05.07

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sitting in silence
Staring at the screen
Keyboard cold
Inspration hovers
just out of reach
I tried to reach out to grasp it
I tried but I failed
So I held out my hnd
for it to come to me.
I reached out
I tried I suceeded.
It came to me
like  frightened bird.
Inpriation Igniting my mind
guiding my fingers
to warm the keyboard
to type
to express
to show

TY 22.05.07

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tried..I succeded...

I tried to kick the ball to score the goal
I tried to run my fastest time
I tried I Succeeded

I tried to remember something
I tried, o recall whyit was i love you so
I tried I Succeeded

I tried to lift my head
I tried to be positive to see the good
I tried I Succeeded

I tried to say I love you
I tried to speak what was in my heart
I tried I Suceeded

I tried to keep on trying
I tried to try
I tried I Succeeded

Ty 22.05.07

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Tried.. I failed...

I tried to hold the wind in my hand
I tried to stpp it blowing
I tried I failed.

I tried to remember something
I tried, its was on the tip of my tongue
I tried I failed

I tried to stop the tears
I tried to stop them flowing
I tried I failed

I tried to say  I love you
I tried tried but my mouth was dry
I tried I failed

I tried to keep on trying
I tried to try
I tried I failed

Ty 21.05.07

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Here is the progress
you'll want to see
of the picture draw
just by me

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