Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tomorrows the day.

Well, I feel like a small bird that been nurtured by its mother, I've been fed scraps of information for my new job. The scraps have now stopped and so fully fledged I leave the comfy nest of the training rooms to fly solo on the phones, I'm sure over the next 2 weeks I will make one hundred and one mistakes so if you need to book a collection from UPS if someone called TIM answers the phone please be gentle with me.
today's Poem is FLYING..

Flying by Tim Young

Over the earth I soar
fields and tree's
both large and small
I spy from my lofty position.
I may visit you
feed from your lawn
your garden table
I trust on one
I fear the cat.
I respect his cunning
hoping I'am more cunning than him
my wings carry me high
so high
you would love to be here
here with me
without the noise of your
flying machines.
to soar to glide
to swoop
fields and tree's
both large and small
that you too could spy from my
lofty position.

Gabcast! poems #2 - Flying

a poem about a bird flying

1 comment:

Niall Young said...

Spread your wings and fly!..I hope you have a good day tommorow. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

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