Sunday, October 08, 2006

At Last

Firstly for those who have been awaiting the next installment of my thrilling blogg...Here it is.
I have just been busy and tired so I have not have the will nor the energy to type. (what a wimp I here you cry).
My Birthday was good, I went out with some friends for a curry, really very very nice, love to go back again.
I'm looking forward to work next week, its a long time since I was looking forward to going to work and even considering going in early to swot up on what I was learning last week..
I'll try harder to keep up to date with this blogg. Many thank for you continued viewing

today's long over due poem

At Last.. By Tim Young

At last
I ve arrived
I don't know where I'm
but I'm here.
I look around me
I recognize no one
every thing I sense is new
the air I breath
the clothes I wear
the smells
the sights
I touch things for the first time
Its unreal
But I'll grow in to it
Cant wait to be able to talk
then I'll be able to tell you
my name

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