Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The First One

They say you never forget your first Love. I hope its true as I'm married to my first Love Wendy.
I would not want to forget her...not that she'd let me.
What do I want to show you in my Blog, well apart from my thoughts on life the universe and everything, I would like to share some of my Poetry. What I would like to do is to do some instant poetry, in other words just think of something on the spot and just write it, so lets have a go now,
First I need subject..Oh yes Blogging.. Ok here goes this is genuine this was typed as I thought about it. I hope you like it. I hope I like it.

Blogging.. By Tim young 13.09.06

blogging my thoughts
conveying my feelings
letting my thoughts fall
from my fingers through the keyboard
to the Web
to show the world
at least the few who will stop by
and read
and consider
maybe comment
maybe encourage.

So that was my first instant poem, let me know your thoughts. How ever it comes out that's how it will stay, if is good then im happy if is poor at least I will learn from them.

Bye for now



Niall Young said...

Love the site..instant poetry is good!look forward to more.

Elena Star said...

Excellent poem, you are very tallented, keep it up.

Ps said...

Finally found your archives!Realised that the web page was not displaying properly earlier,so please ignore the earlier comment.I like almost all your poems.Most of mine too have been written instantly.(havent put up most on the blog,as they were just written for myself.Have been writing since I was a kid in school!)Would be nice to chat sometime.Send me your mail id.

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