Thursday, December 07, 2006


Am sitting here at my PC wondering what on earth to write. Some time I come to write my Blogg and just stare in space wating for insiration as to what to put down here. The only thing that seam to come naturally is the poetry. I hope you like what I have written over the last few month.
If you are new to reading this the poetry is 'instant Poetry' made up on the spot with not ideas before hand and no editing. They appear rough but that's how I like them, from the heart, honest poems not fancy piece's of literature.
To be honest with you I don't read many other poets, as Spike Milligan said once when asked if he read and works of a certain Author ( who is dead ) He said why should I he never reads any of mine.
I'm thinking now about expanding my blog and writing a few lines of a story each day, what do you think. Should I do it? here or make up another blog? Let me know.

Today's Poem TIM YOUNG

are made up of letters
Letters are made up of words
then posted.
The receiver reads the letter
digests the words.
The words turn to feelings
and meaning to the reader.

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Ps said...

Tim,I loved this poem!It is so simple and so beautiful!I think starting another blog for a story is a good idea.I started to read this blog in the first place, because it was only poetry and I thought that was unique.However if you feel it's too much trouble you can just add the story here.Either way,I'll continue to read your poems.

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