Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blisters, on both my feet are testimony to the hard work I have put in, in the name of recreation.
Firstly a 9 mile walk along the river Trent, we got home at 4.00pm then with in the hour we were playing badminton. I'm resting now my feet are still hurting but they will soon mend. What does not kill me will make me stronger.
I was a good day, spent with great people keeping this short today as I'm tired.
Thought I have to say Derby drew with Preston so we earn another point, which also means I pick up two points in the "beat the manager" league and go a little further up the table, I'm now higher than my brother hope this continues through out the rest of the season.

Instant Poem time....Subject Blisters

Blisters by Tim young

My feet are singing
my feet are stinging
testimony to....
walking fast with...
Ill fitting boots.
I walked through the pain
to the prize
the Car
the Journey home swifter
than the trip out

1 comment:

ladybug said...

Haha...nice poem. Im glad you play badminton. Its a lot of fun!

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