Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9 months

Hello, its been 9 months since my last post. Lots has happened and nothing has happened, thats life. Lots that has blessed me but would be of no interest to you my reader. Work is going well. I have been doing arty things. I hope you like the result.
I have been getting back into Scratch Board. This picture of a Bearded Dragon in 10"x8". Posted it on deviant-art, seems to have gone down well there.
I have not been writing much poetry recently, although I have written a couple of murder mystery plays, I have keeping busy.

I also have a new camera, A casio Exilim, I love what it can do, it can take video and slow motion video.

Hope you like it.

So to instant poetry.

Slow motion

Don't you wish
wouldn't you like
to have a slow motion button
that could slow down life.
May be pause and rewind
what would you revisit
a good moment to relive
a bad moment change.
We have to live in the now
no slow motion button for us
other than out memories
and capture moments
in our digital cameras.

see you all next time.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chinese Beer

Went to a Chinese restaurant today and tried a glass of Chinese Beer, it was so good. It was called Tsing TAO. So refreshing. The meal was good not expebsive, it was shared with some great friends. The kind of friend you never get tired of seeing or talking to.
I will be going back some time. Though I will have to burn all thought extra callories off first. Another visit to the gym.


rising bubbles
sweet smooth taste
Rice and Hops.
Blended to perfection.
Food from Wok
Friends to share

TY 06/03/10

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The MoonBridge

The Moonbridge was a painting and I think I remember a sculpture. both done by My brother Niall. Over the years the images of the moonbridge stayed with me. Then about 10 years ago I got the Idea for a book. I called it the Moonbridge. I have finally finished typing it up. My next step is to give it to a friend who was an English teacher and let her look it over. I may to make ome changes to my poor English and may be re write some of it if there are obvious continuity errors etc. But on the whole it is finished. Then I will look for a publisher. Who know. nothing ventured nothing gained.

The MoonBridge

Rising up majestic.
To the sky.
The Moonbridge stands.
Two figures climb to the top
awestruck by what they see.

pin pricks of star light
break up the vast expanse
of deepest black space.
millions of stars.
The universe sretches out

The moon
Orbiting our planet
Glows from the sunlight
How many of us fail to look up
to see the beauty above us

Ty 03/03/10

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Brave One

saw a film the other day call The Brave One. It starred Jodie Foster. I recommend you watch it, its about how she comes to terms with the violent death of her boy friend. This changes her life and she becomes a vigilante. Ultimately she gets revenge on the guys that killed her boyfriend, and she gets her dog back.


What is it to be brave?
Is it
Sitting in the dentist not shaking.
Is it
Fighting for your country
Is it
Being in the same room as a spider.
Is it
Talking in front of strangers.
Is it
Coping with an illness.
May be is all of these
Or non of these.
Like all things in life
The bounderies are not black or white.
It is more the case
That bravery
Id what ever we want it to be.

Ty 02/03/10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have been comissioned to do a painting on a wall. I am so looking forward to it. I will take regular photo so you can all see the results.

Can you guess what it is yet.

Cryptic clues
Hints with word or brushes
Unfolding a picture
Revealing the meaning.
So the artist
So the word smith
Tempts us
Guides us
Pushes us
To make a guess.
Then shortly
We sigh
Oh I see it now.

Artist or wordsmith
Has done their job.

Ty 24/02/10

Monday, February 22, 2010

Came home with a Key

Today I came home with a key from work.I have to get it back early. Small mistake are easy to make and they can cause big problems. Some poeple fret to much about making mistake, I say we should be careul but we should allow our selves to make mistake and not beat ourselves up when we do. I'm no good we say, I'am so stupid we say. I say we are normal we are human we make mistakes.


We have all made mistakes.
We have all sinned.
But the show must go on
some times we are bound,
trapped by our mistakes
Either by hiding from them.
Not saying sorry
or even not being forgiven.

TY 22.02.10

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The human condition whether we like it or not is to follow something or someone. There are and will always be influences on us that help to shape our lives. Parents, brothers and sisters, family friends, religion, ideals the list could go on. Advertising had it hold on many of us, brand loyalty. Some are more susceptible to these out side forces and are easily lead. This sounds so negative I am sorry about this. So let us do our part, we ourselves are going to have people looking up to us and maybe want to follow us. I would like people to follow this Blog. not sure I am a roll model to anyone, but at least my Children have not disowned me so that's good. Any please have think on how you can make a difference in peoples life, be more compassionate, listen better, be slow to anger. I how if you follow my blog I can make you think. I would like your comments and feed back. Take care.

To Follow

To follow
Is it a privilege
and honour
or a compulsion.
To be followed
would your head grow large
would you hide your face.

What I would say
do not look for people to follow
trust yourself
Do not look for people
to follow you
trust yourself.

As in life
look after yourself
as the bible says
treat others
as you would have them treat you

TY 21/02/10

Friday, February 19, 2010


Fantasy is in the head, can we agree on that?. should fantasies be made real, should fantasies always remain out of reach. If a fantasy is within reach then surly its a hope. Fantasies that come true are not longer fantasies anyway but are realities. I only say this to make you think not far any deep reason. You have to talk about things on a blog. Let me know what you think. If you have had a fantasy made real do you then try and realize a new fantasy, where does it all stop?


The Beatles sang
of look glass ties.
The fool on the hill
See's the sun going down.
Lines of nonsense
lines of fantasy.
What thoughts drive the fantasy
vivid imagination
chemical inducement
brain in balance
who know
Should we really care.
The human mind
billions of life time thoughts
some out of reach
flights of fancy
some realistic
waiting to be grabbed.

Seize the Day.

TY 19/02/10

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Poetry seams to be a forgotten Art, well not amongst poets that is. The only poetry ' normal ' people have exposure to is on the inside of greetings card, these may not be the best examples of creativity but at least they must provide a wage for someone. I like the expressivness of poetry. I wants to write songs like my brother but was unable to do this so poetry seamed to me to be the way to go.


Writing lines
meanings, feelings
words tumbling
Idea's forming
sound bites
rhyming or free
written and spoken.
Joy for the writer
joy for the listener.
for all.

Ty 19/02/10

Monday, February 15, 2010

The sound of gunfire

I'm sitting typing this to the sound of gunfire. gunfire that is from a play station 3 game my son is playing called KillZone 2. Some of you readers will know about this game and know how good it is. Some say they playing violent games or watching movies with violence make you violent person, not sure that is all true. I have watched many romantic movies and watch many cookery programs and I no more romantic or good at cooking then when I first started watching them. I guess some people will be more receptive to violence then others. I guess we all have to becareful what we are watching at times as some films glorify the killing for killings sake rather than just be part of the plot.

The Plot

I am loosing the plot
not sure sometimes
what is real or not.
How do I know.
So I pinch myself
I do not wake up
So I guess all is real.
Unless I am dreaming
pinching myself.

ty 16/02/10

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i feel like dancing

Did a picture today of two people doing an Argentinian tango, it small only 4x6 i used acrulic paints, i hope you like the result.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


One man changed a nation, do you remember the scene 20 years ago when he walked free from prison, the country was on the verge of civil war. fortunately that is all behind them now. Mandella was in the right place at the right time to bring stability to a great nation. I believe Jesus was the same he was in the right place at the right time, yes he was God but he was fully human. He is life and sacrifice gave away for man ( mankind ) to but put back together with God. His life and sacrifice would have meant nothing with out the resurrection.

Place and time

Are you
in the right place and time
will you make a difference
will people say of you
there is someone to look up to
there is someone to follow.

This may not happen to you or me
but our choice
help to shape the life's of other
whether family or friend

be assured
We make a difference
you make a difference

TY 11/02/10

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Had a good night tonight with some friends we do not see as often as we should. Thank you denice and derrick. for hosting, and good to Steve and Kate. friend should not be taken for granted. I would not want to do that any more than i would like to be taken for granted. If you have good friend, keep them, love them and tell them so. God friends are hard to come by.


Friends are a blessing
they can tell you your faults
an you don't mind
you can tell them you problems
they won't push you away.
some times you do not need to talk
just share each others company.
Kick back and relax
Share a drink
share a meal
Share silence
Friendship needs to be earnt
but the benefits will last a life time.

Tim 10/02/10

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I have been reading a lot recently. The Bible is a good favorite of mine. Also been reading Jeffrey archer PRISONER OF BIRTH, followed by BLADE STRIKE by Chris Crowther. I am currently reading THE OE HAND by Chris Cleave. Next up will be 34 BUBBLEGUMS and CANDIES by Preeti Shenoy.


Words on the page
A story in the book
An idea in the mind
The Author gives birth.

TY 09/02/10

Monday, February 08, 2010

Find Your Voice

I often wonder if I have found my voice. I like to write plays and short stories I have even written a book I'm in the process of typing it up so it can be edited by a friend, who knows this time next year I might be a published writer, well you have to have dreams. I like to paint. I'm not sure if I do any of these things to a high standard, but I do them well enough for me to be happy with the result. Does this mean I have found my voice? I suppose it does. Whether any one listens to my voice I do not know, I'm not sure if I care. Yes its nice to be appreciated, its nice for people to say well done its good for the ego. But if what I do is pleasing to me then may be it will be pleasing to other and that is all that I ask. If what I do makes someone smile then the effort will have been worth while.

Your Voice

Put your words on paper
Make your mark on canvas
tell someone a funny story
Make some one smile.
encourage someone to carry on.
Knit gloves for your hand
Carry some one shopping.
Stand back back and say
I'am proud of myself
Find your voice
Your voice does not have to be audible
the works of your hands can say much
your attitudes and actions
Come out from your heart.

Tim young 08/02/10
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