Monday, September 25, 2006


What Am I amazed about I here you cry. I'm amazed that I'm still doing this, not that it takes up a lot of my time but I tend to do something religiously for a while until the novelty wares off then I slowly lose interest, I hope this does not happen for a long time.
Speaking of time....

Time by Tim young

Each tick

from each clock

from every room

in my house.

Time is sent out.

Invisible moments of time

enter my eyes.

But here the problem


As I blink

my eye lashes

deflect away the

invisible moments

of time

and so time goes by

without me seeing it.

I guess that as I have grown older

I have started to blink more

so time seems to go by

far too quickly

1 comment:

Niall Young said...

I like this poem Timbo! I don't know how you can come up with something without having to write it out rough first.

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