Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Movies

Played a PC game today that my daughter bought me for my birthday its called THE MOVIES. Basically is a sim about running a movie studio, is quite good played it for a few hours, you can even make your own movies.
Apart from doing that its been a busy day, taking my friends to the airport then my son to his girlfriends, then listing to Derby County loose to Birmingham City 0.1 we could have gone 6th in the Championship league if we had won. But that's football some times you can not tell what is going to happen.
Like my instant poetry I never know who the poem will turn out I just have to write it and see what happens.....So here I go again

What will happen.,.. By Tim Young

What will happen
if I shout in your ear
will you be mad
jump for your life
doth both then hit me?

I guess I wont find out.

What will Happen
If I paint your wall red
will you be mad
sue for me for damage
or just say thanks.

I guess I'm won't find out

What will Happen
If I ignore you
Will you be Mad
will you be sad
or say I never liked you any way

I guess I wont find out

What will happen
If I say I love you
Will you be mad
says it's all to late
all fall in my arms and say I love you too

I guess I won't find out.

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