Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well folks its nearly here, Christmas. Personally I can't wait. Its a great time. It's good to to share gifts, have meals with other family members. Have time off work. Not having to get up early in the mornings.
I have a small fibre optic Christmas tree that sits on my desk at work, i looks lonely but its there flashing away to all that will look at it. A few of the people have decorated their desks with tinsel some look OK but mostly it looks rather tacky. As a country we have lost the real meaning of Christmas, its all about money theses days and not celebrating the birth of Jesus. Another thing I'm looking forward to is is the Carol concert at church this is usually very good and very funny as between the songs there is usually some sketches, so as i say its a great time of year.

Poem Time... Songs by Tim Young

What song
what tune
will I sing today.
Our bodies
the instrument
the life plays.
We sing along
to the tune of life.
Sometime happy
sometimes sad.
Blues or Rock
Classic or alternative.
I've just woken up
not yet pressed play
So I wonder
What song
what tune
will I sing today.

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Niall Young said...

You love Christmas don't you?..It is about family and it is clear you love them are the best!

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