Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just pressing buttons

Do you seize the day. Got for it. Try to realise your dreams or ambitions. Or do you just press the buttons. Is your day spontaneous or routine, exciting or humdrum. As long as you are happy either of the these options are OK. Happiness is what its all about. With out happiness or love on our lives we are empty. We all have the need to be loved. Some would say especially at Christmas, I say all the time. I once wrote in one of my poems that
Lack of war
can help keep you alive
but lack of Love
can kill.

Poem Time..

Cats. by TimYoung

My Cat sits
as on a thrown
looking around
smelling, sensing.
He may purr
He may think he's superior
to all other animals
He probably knows
Cats were worshiped adored.
He thinks he can bring Bad luck
or good luck.
But to me he's a cat
and he licks his own BUM.


Elena Star said...

I like this poem it is very funny and made me laugh

Ps said...

I liked this poem too!!It is so off beat and amusing--same time makes you think.

Niall Young said...

Worship smelling cat's bum?

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