Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wet and Windy

Well here in the UK its wet and windy. Thought Its not as cold as it could be. Can't wait for the summer again to feel the warm sun on my face. I'm also looking forward to my holiday with Wendy will will be having our first proper holiday away from our family, It will be out 25 wedding anniversary and w e have booked a week away in Menorca, for those who do not know it it is a Spanish is island. we a re going at the end Sept to the beginning of Oct so the crowds should have gone I'm hoping we will have a very peaceful and restful time..

Poem.... Milk by Tim Young

What can i say
It white and wet
its good for you
when young
it keeps you alive.
When i think
about all the things we eat
and think about
the vitamins and mineral
we need to live
to survive
I glad I believe in creation
to believe it was all bu accident
would take too much faith.
A big picture of live
is had to take in
its the same with God
to think about all he is and what he's done
to too over whelming
so the milk we need to
our spiritual life
is Jesus.

If you want to more about my faith please ask, as i said in an earlier blog I'm not here to preach, but a my faith is important to me it is bound to come out in my blog.


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