Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have to say im still aching from playing football on Friday and badminton on Saturday, but as I always say what does not kill me will make me stronger. I hope that as I do more the aches and pains will go away. And I might increase my fittness and loose a little weight. I also going to buy a push bike so I can cycle to work if I put the effort in now I think my quality of life will be better when I get older, so here's to the future.

poem time..

the future by Tim young

Everyone always says
the future becomes the past
but we must learn
from the past
to make sense of the future
our choices now
affect how we react
deal with
the future.
Like choice to eat sensibly
to effect out bodies
to look after our self
so lets be proactive
in life in our choices
and not let life
happen' to us
like a leaf in a stream
going where the current takes us.
We need to be like a boat with a rudder
so we can at least guide
plan our path
through life
to the future

1 comment:

ladybug said...

I hope you're feeling better. I'm glad that you play's a fun game! :-D

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