Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok I'm still here

Well at least I am not a one post wonder.
Today was frustrating at work, you see I finish on the 27th to start a new job at UPS, I cant wait so in finding motivation difficult at the moment and even the smallest thing is annoying me, but I'm doing my best to remain positive and cheerful.
So those of you et to read my second post Hello and welcome I'm glad you are along for the ride.
Maybe you are here to see what im writing and whether anything is earth shattering or amazing but may be you are here to see what is the next installment of instant poetry, if this is new to you I think of a subject as am writing this blogg then just write it without editing it so as I think it I type it I hope the results are good. What I need a second topic from today entry. I know Frustration.

Frustration by Tim young

all around me
hounding me
mocking me
trying to break my will
trying to stop me
But im having none of it
I'll be cheerful
all the time.

Well that's not possible is it?
I find that frustrating

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