Friday, September 29, 2006


I played football tonite, some of the youth from the church I go to have been asking me to play, so tonite I went along. I'm not saying I need a doctor but few pulled muscles are signs of two things
1, I'm not that fit.
2, I'm not that fit.

I'm glad though that I have being playing badminton regularly for the last 18 months so I'm not as unit as I could have been.
Anyway I think I played fairly well and scored a goal so not a bad night for me.

Poem time.

HAHAHA by Tim young

takes the blues away
they say
(who ever they are )
that laughter could help
you live longer
Tommy Cooper died on stage
making people laugh.
But surely it depends on the Joke.
If the comedian tells a good joke
thumbs up let him live
if a the comedian tells a bad joke
pelt him with tomatoes
but remember always
take them out of the tin first

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