Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nearly There

Christmas is nearly here. I have been listening to radio 2 a lot, one song they kep playing a lot is the new Bob Dylan Christmas song. I love it. it is in the spirit of what a good Christmas song should be.

Christmas Poem

Snow fell today.
It covered the ground

Many Children
happay faces
saw it fall
caught it on their tongues
mind a live.

It brings out the children in us all
to see a few inches of snow
covering the gound
to be the first one to walk through it.
cold hands
as the snow ball is thrown
as the snow man is made.

Inside looking out at the snowman
resplendent with his carrot nose
coal eyes
stick arms
scarf to keep him warm.
You watch through the window
coffee steams in the mug.

Smiling remembering.
Christmas and snow so perfect together
yet seldom seen.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


we are all at war, if not with others but with our selves. There a quote on the newtestament i think itd Paul that says ."the good i want to do i can not but the bad i do not want to do i do".
Life is good against evil. To me i believe God is good. The bible tells me that if God is good who can be against us. In the war if goof verses evil there can be only one winner, the victoty was begun over 2000 years ago by the birth of a baby.

The first.

The first breath he breathed
He breathed life for us all
The last breath he breathed
He breathed victory for us all.

Between the first
And the last breath
Gods plan was worked out
So perfectly
That we all have the chance
The chance of life

Take it, it is free.
And yet we throw away
Our chances
And deny ourselves
Through ignorence
Through apathy
Through pride.

We have a future
Death is not,
And was never designed
To be
The end.
Death should be
The begining
Of our eternity
With God.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

iam mobile now

Christmas is coming. A great time of year for the young and the old. I hope yours is a good one.
I am mobile now as i have my blogger accounton my mobile fone so hopfully it will encourage me yo post more, lets hope so.


We all need it
We all want it
It makes our day
It makes us smile
We are greatfull for.
We miss it when it is absent
Yet for dome reason
We rarly give it.

Ty 08\12\09

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Its 12.00pm.. all is well I'm about to sleep. I am working tomorrow but at least it is Friday and the week end is coming.
There has been a lot of water under the bridge since my last post. May be one I will be a regular back here.


Sleep is coming to claim me,
to take me
the the depth of dreams.
My unconscious freed
though seldom remembered.

Ty 13.12.09

Friday, June 12, 2009

mobile phone

not that you would be really interested but i have nokia e71 mobile phone and this my first post from the phone to my blogg, another good use of technology. May this will encourage to to post more. Life is good and full there is never really any dull moments. Ok what about an instant poem i hear you say. Well here goes.

Mobile by tim young

I stare at a screen
It displays my life
My contacts
The people i know
Yet for all its technology
It does not know the real me.
Iam not sure i know the real me
my feeling are governed
By the side of the bed i get out of.
Some times samll things upset me
Some times nothing does.
But what i do know is there is someone
who knows me, understands me
Accepts me for who i,am
For what iam
My feeling for this person will never alter
Dispite which side of the bed i get out of.
All i know is if i wake up next to her
I know my day will be ok.

Love is good, and its good to be in love. May i ask you a question? If you have a special someone in your life, do you tell them regularly how much you love and appreciate them, if not why not...

Till next time


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Enough

Hello Bloggers

I big hello to you all. Firstly I have not up dated my blog in a while I make no apologies but I have not had the time. The murder mystery play is almost ready to be performed, in fact it's on Sat 25th April at 7.00pm. I'm really looking forward to it, a lot of people have put in a lot of hard work,We hope it will be good enough. This will be the third one we have done, the last one had an audience of around 100 people. On my last post I said that later in the year I was hoping to do a play called the siege, well i do not think it will be this year, so may be next year.

Good Enough

Have you ever wondered
if you are good enough.
Good enough for this
good enough for that
good enough for me
good enough for you.
Society seams to say
we have to perform
to stay ahead of the game.
Government would have us fear
fear the crowd
fear each other
fear the climate
fear the future
fear ourselves.
We are always trying to please someone
at the expense of just living,
living for now
living for tomorrow
living for the future.
Lets learn to love ourselves
be happy with ourselves
lets say we are good enough
for each other
good enough for ourselves
Lets smile at the world
say I do not fear you.
I'am Happy with who I'am

Monday, February 09, 2009

Once More

The Seige..

I wrote a play a few years back. I'am typing it up over the next few days and later this year I hope to put it on. I will let you all know the date so you can put it in your diary.
I have written 3 murder Mystery's the third is on 25April, so you are most welcome to come tickets a £1.00 and there will be food, what more could you want.

The Play by tim Young

Its is said that all the worlds a stage
and its people are the actors
We are in a play
Saying our lines
with conviction
with passion
adlibing it all
there is no script
its all off the cuff
the greatest show on earth
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