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Its 3am as I'm writing this. I have started a new blog. My blog story is up and running, you can find a link on the front page here. Please visit. If you wish to write some of the story please submit it as a comment, If I like it I will add it to the story. I hope to have some fun with it, the story is really for my amusement so I'm not that interested in punctuation spelling or whether the story has plot holes, it just to be enjoyed. I hope you have a few laughs reading it and I hope you will add to it, so please join in the fun, even if you only supply a few lines or and idea of where the story should go.. Thanks for your support this this Blog. Thanks to all of you who have given me encouragement.
See you all in my next post

Poem.....Market Square. by Tim Young

Today I went to the market Square
To look for you
but you weren't there.
i looked for you
you did not care.
in the crowd in loneliness
I can only stand and stare.
stood by myself
it was hard to bare.
I had to see you
to see you there
i strained to look
to blink i did not dare
how i wished this moment
with you i could share
I stand lost
with feelings of dispare.
Then a fleeting glimpse
did i just see your hair
will my loneliness go
will my feelings repair?
Yes its you my love
I'm out of air
as i fight though the crowds
to leave this Market Square
not by myself
but as part of a pair.

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Ps said...

I loved this poem too.I seem to like almost all yor poems!!

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