Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday again

Well Monday is here, well at the time of writing this Tuesday is looming large on the horizon and getting larger all the time.
Work today was good , it was very busy, the management seam happy with what I'm achieving, I hope I do not let them down by letting my standard slip.
I often think to my self if I were to come into so much money that I could give up work, would I really be able to do it... I have thought long and hard about it...Well who Am I kidding I have not thought long and hard about it,, of course I would give up work, do lots of traveling buy a really good badminton racquet hire a coach LOL not one will ever beat me again.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. I might even get my own small island and turn it into a badminton island how tournaments etc....I'm really quite mad LOL

today's Instant Poem is Badminton

shuttling backwards and forwards
never far from a sprain
strings tort
pinging shots
delicate lobs
I m So happy
when I'm playing

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