Thursday, September 28, 2006


My PC desk is a magnet of clutter. Currently around my monitor is my phone a pen an iron maiden CD (not mine) some letters a cup and some tissues (unused) a web cam a box the router and the modem oh and some cellotape, clutter where it comes from is anyone's guess I don't think any of it is mine, but hey that's life, life is full of clutter some times that's why holidays are so important, a chance to get away from it all. I guess I could go on about like and how to de clutter it. But I'll leave that up to the experts...

Poem time.....Subject.....

Experts by Tim young

I'm not an expert
I don't have letters after my name
you got to be kidding
college no way
I'm not an expert.
Politicians are experts so they say
but they can't solve all the problems.
they have the degrees
the qualifications.
Me I only have the vote
and that's because only through age
by being old enough
I did not earn the right to vote
If I don't like what the experts are doing
I can vote them out
what power I have in a little cross
on a piece of printed paper
on voting day.
Not bad eh
for a 'non' expert...

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