Monday, October 30, 2006


I cant believe my blog has lasted so long. I thought I would have lost interest in it by now or they my creative instant poem juices would have dried up. But no! YAY I here you cry. YAY I cry myself... I hope to reach at least 100 posts before I conceder giving the blog a rest, I guess it may depend on how may view it.
So on to instant Poetry..

Extra Strong mints

Why do I like them
they burn you tongue
if kept in contact to long
they are full of sugar
no good for you
they make your stomach hurt
if you eat too many too quickly.
I hopes that they would be
Like Spinach
but no they have not made me
any stronger
or am I missing the point


Niall Young said...

Blogtastic!..Keep on writing!..there is no need to stop..I've been writing my daily diary now for over 15 years!

Ps said...

Looked for your archives but couldn't find any!Where are your older posts?

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