Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got to keep going

A friend of mine is having trouble with her eyes. So I thought It would be a good Idea to offer to read and record to my computer a book that she has, and has not had the oppertunity to read as herself as eyes are so bad. I after I have read the whole book I will burn a CD so that she can listen to it. It has been hard work but I have got to keep on to finish the task. I know that she will be blessed by it. Though It is hard work it feels good to give up some time to do something for somboby, something that they are unable to do for themselves.

Reading.. by Tim Young

I read for you
I try to convey
the feeling
the meanings
of the printed page.
I try to read with passion
to make you feel
that you have actually read
and experienced the pages
experience the written word
first hand.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is an amazing place. The walk we went on, on Saturday was all the things a walk should be, tiring, wet, fun, great views ( when the raining stopped) and towards the end of the day the sun came out and we dried off quickly. I have made a video of the walk  in the style of a movie trailer complete with music and voice over, I have up loaded it to you- tube  but its not on yet I'll you know when it is so you can look at it and have a laugh.

Mountain Stream....by Tim Young

You flow
you fall
I can put my hand in you
feel your coldness
as you cares my fingers
ever changing
ever moving
the sound of you
fills my ears and head
with peace.
geologists could tell me
where do you go
and where you came from.
But I don't need to know
I see you
and know
and feel your beauty

Friday, February 23, 2007


I saw a strange bird the other day, honest this is real, no word of a lie guvnor.... well may be a small lie then aided by photo shop...

I can't believe it 2 posts on one day two photos its just too much I'll have to slow down or I'll give my self a nose bleed.

Nose bleed.. by Tim Young

My nose bled today
long streams of red blood
down my face
dripping from my chip
to spoil my clothes.
My mum used to says
It a safety value if you have
too much blood
I wish it was a safety valve
then maybe
I would not have been punched
in the first place.

This is were I'm going to be on Saturday 24/02/07 its a place called Kinderscout, we will be walking along a plateau about 1,000ft . The picture is over looking Mam tor and loose Hill. On the day this was taken it was unusually clear, I fear that tomorrow we will not be so lucky with the weather. I will post some more pic for your in future posts. I'm sorry I hove not posted many pic on here I will have to put that right, so keep looking.

Mountain... by Tim Young

What force put you there
standing so tall
your head in the clouds
surveying all around you
you clothe your head with snow
and a hat of clouds.
Anything that man makes
can not compare to you
you were there before we were
you will be there
after we have gone.
So tall
so strong
so beautiful.
you stand as a sign
to all thats beautiful
in this world.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Short Story

the other day inspiration hit me to write a short story. Here it is I hope you like it.

Arthur the Cat….. by Tim Young 19th Feb 2007

On the 17 February 2007 Albert Thomas had a heart attack. He lived at 27 Crabtree Crescent, he had lived there for 10 years, now it seamed as if his life was slipping away as a searing pain gripped his chest. He fell but managed to call out a very week cry for help. Fortunately for Albert Thomas his care person was cleaning the house and she heard his cry. A sort time later and ambulance arrived and took Albert Thomas to the local hospital for treatment.
On the 25 February Albert Thomas was pronounce fit by the doctors and allowed to go home.
Laying in his bed he thought about his life, it had been a good one, he was not afraid of death at all, he knew he time would come, but he was glad it had not happened yet.

The next day after he had woken up from a very deep sleep he thought he heard some purring he raised himself up from his bed and there sitting on the end of his bed was the thinnest cat he had ever seen it looked like it had not eaten in days.
“Oh my” he said “ where have you come from, I think you could do with some food and a drink” He reach out for the cat but the cat backed away “ its OK I’m not going to hurt you” he said as he reached out again, but still the cat kept his distance.
Albert Thomas got up dressed had quick breakfast and went out to the shops, he told the cat to “stay there I’m going to get you some food”
An hour later Albert Thomas arrived home a little out of breath with a tin of cat food.
He put two saucers out for the cat one with food in it and one with some milk. “ Where are you” called Albert Thomas “ I have something for you” He had not heard the cat come in but when he turned around there was the cat on the kitchen table so thin and frail, the cat looked at the food and the milk and then at Albert Thomas.
“ Well I get on and let you eat in peace”. Albert Thomas walked in to his front room sat in the most comfortable chair by the window and read awhile before nodding off to sleep.
He awoke and went to the kitchen remembering the Cat. When reach the kitchen he was surprised to see that the food and the milk were still there “ that’s strange” he said to himself.
The rest of the evening was spent thinking about the cat, he wondered where it had come from and whom it belonged too.
The next day there was the cat again sitting on the end of the bed, Albert Thomas looked at the cat long and hard, was it his imagination of did the Cat look a little better from yesterday?
He went down stairs and put two fresh saucers out again he used the rest of the tin of food and some fresh cold milk. Still the cat would not let him come close he longed to hold the cat and stroke it till he could here it purr with happiness.
This process went on for several days, each day he would put food and milk out for the Cat and each day the food and the milk were neither eaten or drunk, but amazingly as the days past the cat started to put on weight and even seamed to be coming closer to him though he was still unable to reach out and touch him. “ I guess you will learn to trust me some time.”
A few days later an old neighbour of Albert Thomas visited, she stayed for tea, Albert Thomas liked Mrs Stanley she had been a good friend to him, he was saddened that she had to move away.
Albert told her about the cat. He told her about not being able to get close and about the food and the milk.
Mrs Stanley listened and finally said, “You do know that cats are no strangers to this house”
She began to explain that before he had moved into the house an old lady lived here who had a cat “ now what was his name” she said screwing her eyes up trying to remember “ Ah yes” she finally said “ Arthur”
“What happened to Arthur?” asked Albert Thomas
“Oh its really sad” she explained that the old lady died in this very house and was not discovered for 12 days, when the police finally broke into the house. They found two things one was the old lady sadly passed away and the other was her beloved Arthur, it seamed he had stayed with Her by her side until he had died of starvation.
“Oh my” said Albert Thomas that is very sad. What day did she die?”
“ Remember it very well,” said Mrs Stanley it was on my Anniversary, we were on holiday my husband and I or we might have been able to find her sooner as we often popped in for a cup of tea at least twice a week. Anyway my anniversary was 10 days ago”
“Oh that’s a coincidence as it was 10 days ago that my cat appeared”
“Yes that is a coincidence,” replied Mrs Stanley.
The chatted for the next few hours till finally Mrs Stanley had to leave to catch the bus home again.
After she had gone Albert Thomas sat and thought about the cat.
Albert Thomas fell asleep.
When he awoke there was the cat looking at him, again looking better than ever.
“Arthur” Albert Thomas directed the name at the cat, the Cats ears both shot forward and a small meow left its mouth
“ You are Arthur but you can’t be you died 10 years ago after being found 12 days after your owner died.”
“Oh my” said Albert Thomas “you are leaving tomorrow this is the 11th day since you have been coming here, tomorrow will be the twelfth that will be the day you will be back to full health, so that will be the day that you leave me, where will you go, will you go to Mrs Stanley again. I hope so.”
Albert Thomas cried himself to sleep that night he’d even thought of not putting out any food or milk in the vain hope that that would prevent Arthur from leaving him. But he knew he could not do that, he had to do what was right for Arthur.
The next day he put down the final two saucers of food and milk. Arthur strode into the kitchen like he owned the place and began to eat the food and to drink the milk, when he had finished he looked up at Albert Thomas and meowed the loudest meow that he had ever heard from a cat. Arthur ran from the kitchen, Albert called after him “ please don’t go just a few hours more please” Albert Thomas walked in to the front room and sat in his most comfortable chair by the window and cried.
Then he heard it, it was a cat purring, there was Arthur looking up at him. He jumped on to Albert Thomas’ knee curled up and began to purr again. Albert Thomas stroked the Arthur. The Joy he felt at that moment was a feeling that he would remember till the end of his life. Albert felt his eyes drooping he knew that he could not stay awake any longer, “ bye old friend" he said "bye, look after your self” then he fell asleep. When he awoke Arthur was gone. Albert was not to sad for he had known that Arthur was going but he would miss him and he would always, always remember him.

Let me know what you think

Inspiration  by Tim Young

Inventions they say
are part perspiration
part inspiration
coupled with the expectation,
for the finished article.
The creativity
of the human mind
sometimes bares fruit
and a simple idea works
the inventer rewarded
with financial reward.
A simple idea one which
I myself
have been waiting to have
for many a year.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hi PS way back in October I did write a Haiku, based on the  5,7,5  syllable format. I hope you like it.

I tried to hear you
wind carried your voice away
so I remained deaf.

The simplicity of them is what draws me to Haiku I will try to write more in the future.

Simplicity.. by Tim Young

Simple things can be complicated
complicate things can be simple
your understanding
make the statement true or false.

Friday, February 16, 2007

made to measure poetry

Hello to you viewers out there I feel like I need a challenge.So if you have any ideas about the kind of poetry you would like to see here please let me know, subjects, styles. You could even suggest a few words you would like me to use in a poem. Let me know and I'll write a poem especially for you.

Made to measure poetry.

For you from me
for all the world to see.
words that will simply be
heart felt poetry.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I find it a privilege to read other peoples blogs, it amazing how many different styles there are
now many different peoples and points of view there are it is literally endless. What is also amazing is
that some of them come to visit me and comment, thank you so much to those of you out there
 that take the time. I really appreciate it. It seams to break down barriers, I wonder how many of the people who's blogs I read and enjoy I would pass by in the street or avoid on the bus 
because I thought I don't have anything in common with them. Blogging is here to stay we are all the better for it.

read/look by Tim Young

I like what you write
I dont like how you look.
I'm good at stereotyping
you don't look right
I wont be friendly
I'm deeply flawed
But I like what you write.
Word can paint picture
that help to break down
negative thoughts
all we
all I
need is patience
and understanding
to like what I read
like what I see.
I know people feel
the same way about me
for we are all subject to human nature
unfortunately we are all subject
to in- human nature.
I willing to try to change if you are

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines day 2

 Happy valentines to all you lovers out there,I would like to share two poems I have written for Wendy, I hope you like them.

Until you.. by Tim Young 14/02/07

Until you came into my life
I'm sure my heart was dying
a slow decline
to mediocrity.
But now with you
my heart beats
to an exuberant rhythm
to the music and the colours of life.
Each beat sending life
through my veins
to my finger tips
that revel
in caressing your face
or simply
holding your hand.

Thoughts of you... by Tim Young

What thoughts of you go through my mind.
What colours swirl when I close my eyes
a multi coloured display,
the colours of love, dance
combining, forming images of your face so fair
and when I open my eyes
your image is still retained before me,
like the image of a bright light
thatt when you glance away is still retained.
So will your image still remain
burned, etched, visible
always forever
in my mind eye.

ty 14/02/07

Love is a strange thing indeed it can be so intense yet last a life time I hope you all who read this have found your one true love.

Instant Poem Time

Strange,.. by Tim Young

Many things are strange in this life
Men for one
women for another
neither can figure the other out
true happiness can be found
when two strange people
fall in love
and become one.
The strange Dance of life
so many different rhythms
let love beats
to compliment each
and so happiness grows
contentment stays
life carries on

silly law of the day, this one from the UK

No one is allowed to die in Parliament. Well except the Queen. Westminster is a royal palace and anyone dying in a royal palace is eligible for a state funeral. So to avoid a costly funeral, if anyone does die, his or her body is removed before the death certificate is issued.

Valentines day

Saint Valentine, according to romantic legend, was a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, and was beheaded on the 14th of February. At least this is one explanation, I'm sure the are many. Valentines day is here to stay and so shall be celebrated by many over the world. I hope you all have a good day. I hope the words of ove you speak to your loved ones will remain in their hearts for many years or at least till 14th of Feb 2008....

Longevity Words

If I say that I love you
how long will my words stay with you.
Will you remember tomorrow
the words of love I speak today.
Does not the heart remind the head
of the love it feels
from days gone by.
Having said all that
not out of duty
but because I want to
I'll tell you again
and again
so that you will never forget
that I love you So much.

When we met
you changed my life
Heart beat faster
my breath came quicker
and even now
after many years
when we hold hands
its still like
the very first time.

I Love You.

By Tim Young, for my amazing wife Wendy, the love of my life.

Monday, February 12, 2007


So what are you planning for valentines day, Roses. cards with verses, breakfast in bed. 
Is valentines day a Western thing or is it celebrated the world over?
I hope that we can use Valentines day as a spring board to tell the ones that we love that we 
REALLY do love them every single day of the year. I hope that those of you out there who will
send and anonymous valentines card that you will have courage to say to them to their face that
you love them.
Who was it said it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

I Thought.... by Tim Young

I thought I'd by you flowers
but the pollen
would make you sneeze.
I thought I would bring you
breakfast in bed
but I would burn the toast
and spill the milk.
I thought I would write you a poem
but the words would be awkward
and  msis slept.
So in  stead I held your hands
looked deeply into your eyes
and simply said
I love you.
Your tears of joy
wet my cheeks
as out lips met in a kiss.
thats  told me that you
love me too... 


It is considered an offense to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Whisper.... by Tim Young

I could feel your breath
on my face
you lips moving
the sound so soft
yours words
your perfume
caressing my face
the meaning
almost unimportant
to the fact
that YOU
were so close to me.
If I were to turn my face
I would stare straight into your eyes.
I know my legs would
turn to jelly
my courage would fade
my words
conveyed to you
on a stammer I do not normally have.
So I just listen 
and  inhale your presence,
as you speak to me
in softened tones
asking me
to pass you the library books you'd left.
As you leave
I study you
as you walk away.
I will be hear tomorrow
to see you again.
I check out a book
on self confidence
I hope to read it tonight
to speak to you
to whisper to you,
to tell you
I love you.

 I remember the first time I told Wendy that I loved her, to tell some one that you love them is an amazing feeling. Though I find it easy now to tell her I love her and not a day go by without me saying it, she knows I mean it with all my heart. I will always remember that first time I plucked up the courage to say I LOVE YOU....

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm thinking of including in my blogs a section devoted to strange laws. In the UK it is said that 
200 laws are got rid of every year, don't worry it does not mean that  England will become a 
lawless place in a few years. Ill give you an example....

According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.

There was a report in a news paper the other week saying that a prisoner in the UK tried to
commit suicide, the prison guards saw him hanging in his cell rushed in and took him down, after he was revived, he decided to sue the home office saying that it was his right to take his own life and that when they revived him it was against his civil liberties. the case went to court and he was awarded 250,000 pounds, Crazy..... I cant believe it but its true..

True... by Tim Young

What I told you was true
I saw it my self
I witnessed it
first hand,
well my hand was covering my face
but I heard it.
I was there
you should have seen it
you were there too
I  did not know you talking to me
as there were so many other noises
people talking
its a wonder I heard  anything at all.
Like I say I was there.
My best friend friend
told me all the details
he has good eye sight
he only need glasses
for reading
I would have seen it
if was  looking
I would have heard it
If there wasn't too much noise
but I was there
so it must be true
my friend said so


Thursday, February 08, 2007


On Tuesday the 13th at 10.00am I have a job Interview, No I'm not leaving where I work at 
the moment just possible moving to another department for a 3 month Assignment in another
 department. I hope eventually to move into the sale dept. I'll keep you all informed.

Next Step by Tim Yonug

The next step
will be taken
or a future time.
but move on I will
when the time is right.
Life never stands still
those that stand still
go backwards
We need to take life on,
but to do this
we need support,
So looking back when life
has run its course
through our bodies
we can say
we made it
we made a difference,
then we can look forward
to the life beyond 

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Water By Tim Young

A drop of water
silently hangs
held back at least for now,
tried to prize
the drop of water
from its grip on the twig
where-by it hangs.
It fell from may 100's of feet
through the air
with countless others.
Its task to water the earth
to bring forth life.
Its task now foiled.
As it silently hangs
So near yet so far.
Then as if in sympathy
the wind blows
and silently
the water drops falls,
the earth receives
the moisture it craves
and silently
it journey is  completed.

Water is amazing I'm sure you know that we can not live without it.  
Yet most of us take it for granted.
We just have to turn our taps and it there when ever we want it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

For once

For once I put my self first
Selfish, Yes
but I owed it to myself.
I try
to put others first
to melt into the background
to be helper
not leader.
But today
I thought I only about my self
I realised an important lesson.
I actually like myself
If I were to meet my self
we would be best of friends.
A verse in Bible says
love others as yourself.
So I'm encouraged
If I an love my self
how much more
can I love others.
So my time of thinking about myself
was not that selish after all.

Tim Young

My Question to you my readers is What do you Love about yourselves??
Please be honest

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