Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good Morning

It's 08.41 Saturday morning, this is my first blog entry written in the morning. Most of my blog writing is done late at night which may account for the poor spelling and grammar, not that I'm bothered too much about it. I 've never been very good at spelling, I guess have a mild case of Dyslexia. Two of my children suffer from it. So writing in the morning is a novel experience for me. Every one is asleep except me and the dog. I wonder what today will bring, I have to take my friends to the airport as they are going a away for a few days, I will than have to take my youngest son to his girlfriends as he's staying the night there then drive back to play badminton, then hopefully I might get to relax a little who knows I might even get to write some more of my blogg, if so I'll see you later..

Instant Poem Time..
Head Strong by Tim Young

I'm head strong
I know what I want
no one is going to stop me
like a speeding train
a fast car
a tank in battle
I'm going to win the day.

I'm head strong
I know what I want
eyes fixes ahead
I know my destiny
I know the prize
I know the path
I'm going to win the day

I'm head strong
I know what I want
that's the image I portray
but behind every great man
is a great woman
she give me the strength so I know
I'm going to win the day.

1 comment:

Niall Young said...

I like you writing in the mornings. Your head is obviously stronger!

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