Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well it had to happen sometime, pop, fizz, smoke. The power supply on the PC blew up, dead.
I mourned its passing, boo hoo, I'm surprised how much I missed it. The PC was taken to WebSystems in Bulwell ( they are brilliant ) they fixed it and now it is back purring like a kitten.
I've also increased its memory so its working very fast now.
I'll try to write more in my next few posts
So time for Instant Poetry......Subject.. Death of a computer

Death of a computer by Tim young

I had a heart transplant today
the brain was ok
but the heart went bang
in a flash of light
pop, fizz, smoke.
The chest had to be opened
a new heart was "plugged" in
the electric switch was pushed
and the heart received
a jolt
of electricity
it started first time.

I was not my real heart
it was
my other heart
the power supply
to the PC
my digital life died
but now it lives again

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