Sunday, November 12, 2006


Poeple are alway trying to us how to be beautiful or more hamsome in my case, ( as i could improve LOL ) Each magazine you read tells you to eat certain foods, dress in a certain way. I'm sure all with the best of intentions.
My advise is to not listen to these listen to your self.. if you want to change or diet do it because you want to not because some one says you should. If you are happy with who you are now, great stuff the rest, studies have show that long life is aided by being happy, laughter is good for you, smiling is good for you.

Laughter. by TIM YOUNG

What is funny
someone trying to be funny
someone not trying to be funny
laughter helps
makes you smile
helps you live longer
make you a better person.
I wish could all learn to
laugh at ourselves
see the funny side
be less PC
lets try it
lets see
what happens.
Time to resurrect some
old jokes

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