Monday, November 20, 2006


I would just like to thanks PS for all your comments to my Blog you have encourage me.
I hope i will be able to encourage you also as i continue to read your blog..
And thanks to Niall my brother for you comments also.So the week end is done and work becomes once again.
So my Team Derby County won again at the on Saturday we are currently 5Th in he league I hope the guys can keep it up.We are unbeaten in 5 and have won the last 4 we have not done that for some time..
I'm a happy guy..

Poem to day is Play.. by Tim Young

My thoughts
through my mind
in no particular order
my thoughts arrange them selves
into what i can understand
as i wake up to face the day.
through out the day
my thoughts play with me
taking me on journeys
some mundane
some scary
some fantasy
they remind me
of thing to do
of things i have not done but should have
till they expire
as i
my thoughts turn to
as my mind
and my body prepares
for anther day

1 comment:

Ps said...

You have described it so beautifully.I can almost 'see the thoughts' as they move around in the head, like atoms or molecules.And I guess that is how thoughts move for all of us, but you have put it so aptly.I liked this poem too.

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