Wednesday, November 22, 2006

River Trent

Through Nottingham runs the river Trent, its a beautiful river, its live underneath its surface and alive on it with barges boats, birds, its banks are alive with walkers, watchers, dog walkers, bird feeders. I thought I would include a pic I took in a local country park just 5 Min's drive from my house. It too is a beautiful place, I do not go there as much as I should. Sorry the pic is a little dark it was taken on my mobile phone, I guess I could use photo shot to lighten it up a little

Poem Time... River Trent by Tim Young

You never stand still
You keep moving
each minute
you change
never the same.
I walk along you banks
admire your beauty
smell the clean air around you
you calm me
refresh me
you seam endless
I can neither see your
start or your end
never ending

1 comment:

Ps said...

Lovely picture--I love any kind of natural scenic beauty.

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