Thursday, February 01, 2007

For once

For once I put my self first
Selfish, Yes
but I owed it to myself.
I try
to put others first
to melt into the background
to be helper
not leader.
But today
I thought I only about my self
I realised an important lesson.
I actually like myself
If I were to meet my self
we would be best of friends.
A verse in Bible says
love others as yourself.
So I'm encouraged
If I an love my self
how much more
can I love others.
So my time of thinking about myself
was not that selish after all.

Tim Young

My Question to you my readers is What do you Love about yourselves??
Please be honest



Ps said...

It is NOT selfish to love yourself.In fact i think you can be nice to others only if you are nice to yourself first.
What I love about myself?The fact that I mean what i say.

Niall Young said...

What do I love about myself? mean apart from my rugged good looks and charm?...'s my ability to see!

And I agree with your comment PS!

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