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I'm thinking of including in my blogs a section devoted to strange laws. In the UK it is said that 
200 laws are got rid of every year, don't worry it does not mean that  England will become a 
lawless place in a few years. Ill give you an example....

According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.

There was a report in a news paper the other week saying that a prisoner in the UK tried to
commit suicide, the prison guards saw him hanging in his cell rushed in and took him down, after he was revived, he decided to sue the home office saying that it was his right to take his own life and that when they revived him it was against his civil liberties. the case went to court and he was awarded 250,000 pounds, Crazy..... I cant believe it but its true..

True... by Tim Young

What I told you was true
I saw it my self
I witnessed it
first hand,
well my hand was covering my face
but I heard it.
I was there
you should have seen it
you were there too
I  did not know you talking to me
as there were so many other noises
people talking
its a wonder I heard  anything at all.
Like I say I was there.
My best friend friend
told me all the details
he has good eye sight
he only need glasses
for reading
I would have seen it
if was  looking
I would have heard it
If there wasn't too much noise
but I was there
so it must be true
my friend said so


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Ps said...

So true.Sometimes we see but don't notice, we hear but don't listen.And we need our best friends to tell us so.

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