Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines day 2

 Happy valentines to all you lovers out there,I would like to share two poems I have written for Wendy, I hope you like them.

Until you.. by Tim Young 14/02/07

Until you came into my life
I'm sure my heart was dying
a slow decline
to mediocrity.
But now with you
my heart beats
to an exuberant rhythm
to the music and the colours of life.
Each beat sending life
through my veins
to my finger tips
that revel
in caressing your face
or simply
holding your hand.

Thoughts of you... by Tim Young

What thoughts of you go through my mind.
What colours swirl when I close my eyes
a multi coloured display,
the colours of love, dance
combining, forming images of your face so fair
and when I open my eyes
your image is still retained before me,
like the image of a bright light
thatt when you glance away is still retained.
So will your image still remain
burned, etched, visible
always forever
in my mind eye.

ty 14/02/07

Love is a strange thing indeed it can be so intense yet last a life time I hope you all who read this have found your one true love.

Instant Poem Time

Strange,.. by Tim Young

Many things are strange in this life
Men for one
women for another
neither can figure the other out
true happiness can be found
when two strange people
fall in love
and become one.
The strange Dance of life
so many different rhythms
let love beats
to compliment each
and so happiness grows
contentment stays
life carries on

silly law of the day, this one from the UK

No one is allowed to die in Parliament. Well except the Queen. Westminster is a royal palace and anyone dying in a royal palace is eligible for a state funeral. So to avoid a costly funeral, if anyone does die, his or her body is removed before the death certificate is issued.


Elena Star said...

Fantastic poems, keep up the good work.
Strange law
In Idaho, the law states all boxes of candy given as romantic gifts must weigh more than 50 pounds.

Ps said...

three poems.That was a treat.I liked the third one the best.The other two were nice too.

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