Friday, February 23, 2007


I saw a strange bird the other day, honest this is real, no word of a lie guvnor.... well may be a small lie then aided by photo shop...

I can't believe it 2 posts on one day two photos its just too much I'll have to slow down or I'll give my self a nose bleed.

Nose bleed.. by Tim Young

My nose bled today
long streams of red blood
down my face
dripping from my chip
to spoil my clothes.
My mum used to says
It a safety value if you have
too much blood
I wish it was a safety valve
then maybe
I would not have been punched
in the first place.


Katherine said...

Ha, that picture made me look twice--very clever!

Niall said...

Do they flock or herd?

Ps said...

lovey picture.Did u do it in photoshop or did u get it from somewhere?(curiuos curiuos me)

Tim Young said...

Hi PS yes it was done in photoshop. I'm glad you like it

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