Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Water By Tim Young

A drop of water
silently hangs
held back at least for now,
tried to prize
the drop of water
from its grip on the twig
where-by it hangs.
It fell from may 100's of feet
through the air
with countless others.
Its task to water the earth
to bring forth life.
Its task now foiled.
As it silently hangs
So near yet so far.
Then as if in sympathy
the wind blows
and silently
the water drops falls,
the earth receives
the moisture it craves
and silently
it journey is  completed.

Water is amazing I'm sure you know that we can not live without it.  
Yet most of us take it for granted.
We just have to turn our taps and it there when ever we want it.


Niall Young said...

One poem may be a drop in the literary ocean..but one drop is sometimes all you need ..

Ps said...

Was about to say "sometimes one drop is all you need" when i saw that Niall has already said it!Your poem makes us remember the beauty of that one drop hanging.Often we see but forget to look.

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