Sunday, February 11, 2007


Whisper.... by Tim Young

I could feel your breath
on my face
you lips moving
the sound so soft
yours words
your perfume
caressing my face
the meaning
almost unimportant
to the fact
that YOU
were so close to me.
If I were to turn my face
I would stare straight into your eyes.
I know my legs would
turn to jelly
my courage would fade
my words
conveyed to you
on a stammer I do not normally have.
So I just listen 
and  inhale your presence,
as you speak to me
in softened tones
asking me
to pass you the library books you'd left.
As you leave
I study you
as you walk away.
I will be hear tomorrow
to see you again.
I check out a book
on self confidence
I hope to read it tonight
to speak to you
to whisper to you,
to tell you
I love you.

 I remember the first time I told Wendy that I loved her, to tell some one that you love them is an amazing feeling. Though I find it easy now to tell her I love her and not a day go by without me saying it, she knows I mean it with all my heart. I will always remember that first time I plucked up the courage to say I LOVE YOU....


Ps said...

Lovely poem.So romantic and apt for Valentines day.
Your background is nice--wish the little monkey on top would go to the bottom!! Maybe if you use another template (from blogger) and then this one from glitter graphics--it may work.
but then, if the monkey doesnt bother you--let him be!!(Isn't there a monkey in all of us?!)

Niall said...

I like sentiment here Timbo!..I too ike the background.

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