Sunday, January 28, 2007

Work again

Its Sunday 23.22 as Iam, writing this. Work again Tomorrow. Last week wasa week of training, it now means Iam now grounded in the most basic functions of UPS. This is good as it means that I will now have the opportunity to progress my career with in UPS to any one of the many departments. I think I would like to move into the Sales area, hopefully soon. I have the desire to progress my career and would like to earn some money as well, who of us could not do with more.
Here's a question for you have you ever thought what it would be like to win a large amount of money, I have, so mt question to you is...if you won a large sum of money that would enable you to be finaciall secure what woulf you do with it..

Money.. by Tim Young

If I won a large sum of money,
Would it change me.
What kind of person would it make me.
I like to think
I would do good with it
help people
fund things
worthy causes,
Or would i want to keep it
and watch my bank balance grow
my morals decrease
in my growing insular world.


Ps said...

Funnily this was a question i answered in one kids's scrap book, a few days ago.What i'd said was that I'd keep half to do things like going on a world trip etc--and the other half,I'd set up a trust fund for educating and eradicating illiteracy in my country.

Hershey said...

hark...what light through yonder window is a question...and I am forced to answer..

If I won a large sum of money,
Would it change me.
What kind of person would it make me.?

obviously it would.
Say if I won,
I would still be an idiotic bungling goof...but I would be a RICH idiotic bungling goof...

sure sure...good causes and charity..not once have people NOT used that line... I wouldn't do anything like that...probably spend some of it on research for AIDS or cancer or why women are so confusing...

now, to seriousness.
Everyone wants to be someone in their career. And would winning a lottery really be worthwhile. Sure you have the money..but you didn't work for it. Such money is better of used for the good of man rather than your own good, unless ofcourse you are bankrupt..if you are then use it for the good of man and get yourself out of the hole..people are tired of staring at your same old shirt..heh.

your question...if I did get money to make me financially secure...honestly.. I would get a good education first... spend most of it on books(study) and videogames(play)..use some for dating some incase someone decided to wed me. heh.

Niall Young said...

If I won a lot of money..would it change me?..I blinking well hope so! What is it Spike Milligan said?.."Money can't buy you friends..but it'll get you a better class of enemy!"

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