Friday, February 23, 2007

This is were I'm going to be on Saturday 24/02/07 its a place called Kinderscout, we will be walking along a plateau about 1,000ft . The picture is over looking Mam tor and loose Hill. On the day this was taken it was unusually clear, I fear that tomorrow we will not be so lucky with the weather. I will post some more pic for your in future posts. I'm sorry I hove not posted many pic on here I will have to put that right, so keep looking.

Mountain... by Tim Young

What force put you there
standing so tall
your head in the clouds
surveying all around you
you clothe your head with snow
and a hat of clouds.
Anything that man makes
can not compare to you
you were there before we were
you will be there
after we have gone.
So tall
so strong
so beautiful.
you stand as a sign
to all thats beautiful
in this world.


Ps said...

Lovely picture.I hope you have a great time.

Katherine said...

Love the picture and the poem. Looking forward to more pictures.

Niall said...

eeeeeeeeee beautiful Derbyshire! did it go?

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