Thursday, February 15, 2007


I find it a privilege to read other peoples blogs, it amazing how many different styles there are
now many different peoples and points of view there are it is literally endless. What is also amazing is
that some of them come to visit me and comment, thank you so much to those of you out there
 that take the time. I really appreciate it. It seams to break down barriers, I wonder how many of the people who's blogs I read and enjoy I would pass by in the street or avoid on the bus 
because I thought I don't have anything in common with them. Blogging is here to stay we are all the better for it.

read/look by Tim Young

I like what you write
I dont like how you look.
I'm good at stereotyping
you don't look right
I wont be friendly
I'm deeply flawed
But I like what you write.
Word can paint picture
that help to break down
negative thoughts
all we
all I
need is patience
and understanding
to like what I read
like what I see.
I know people feel
the same way about me
for we are all subject to human nature
unfortunately we are all subject
to in- human nature.
I willing to try to change if you are

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Ps said...

True--blogging does break bariers.Blogs connect.

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