Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New in the world of TIM

So whats new in the world of TIM.... well we have a new printer as the old one died...aaahhhhh...I have a new bike (second hand) so cycle to work saving £38.00 per month.. hurrah. Also had a pay rise yyiipppppeeee only small but its good.
Apart from That this is my 99 post........SO PLEASE SEND ME  YOUR IDEAS FOR POEMS FOR MY 100TH POST...... TimYoung

The stuff inside my head
has idea's
but what to do with them,
act them out
write them down
share them
keep them secret
a secret
never to be told.
Discard them
embelish them
expand them.
part of what make us human
parst of what makes
I think I'll write them down
in as pleasing but disjointed way.
I'll call it poetry...


Niall said...

Does your new background show the view from 'The World of Tim'?

Ps said...

I too just finished my 100th post.I just wrote what I felt like--Isnt that the way poetry too is supposed to flow?
Just go with what your heart tells you.

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